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What is Tibet?

Tibet is one of the province-level administrative units in China . It is known as the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), usually called Tibet for short. It is located on the Tibe (MORE)
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Where is Tibet?

Tibet is located in south-west China, central-south Asia . Tibet sits atop the Tibetan Plateau which includes the Himalayas and many of the highest mountain peaks in the worl (MORE)
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What is the population of Tibet?

As of 2014, the estimated population of Tibet is 3.03 people. Tibetis a region of Asia which is located in the country of China.

Why is Tibet mad?

People in Tibet are not mad. They are being cheated by someone, and the man behind the scenes use these innocence people as the tools to realise his own political ambitions.. (MORE)

What is a Tibet?

There's no such thing as "a" Tibet. Tibet is a country. Tibet is a plateu region in Asia, the highest region on earth. Sometimes it's even referred to as the "roof of the wo (MORE)
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What can you do in Tibet?

To go to Tibet to the most important thing is to enjoy the scenery, and there's a lot of religious temples, such as the potala palace, but also mount Everest, reference ï¼ (MORE)

Will Tibet be free?

Unfortunately, it's very unlikely to happen in the near future. The Chinese invaded in 1950 and they have an annoying tendency to stand their ground. The only realistic way I (MORE)