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What is a hero in travian?

A hero in travian is a single soldier that is superior to others. You create a hero in the hero's mansion. It is usually most effective to make it your strongest soldier type. (MORE)

How do you raid in travian?

You first go to the map. Next, you choose a village you want to raid. Then, you select SEND TROOPS. Last, you choose which units and how many and then select reinforcement, at (MORE)

What are the tasks in travian?

There is not one specific task you should perform in travian, except having fun ;)   The ultimate goal (for most players) is to win the server, normally with your alliance (MORE)

What can embassy's do in travian?

The embassy allows you to join an alliance. Without at least one embassy, you cannot join an alliance. In the embassy you will be able to access your alliance page, alliance b (MORE)

Is travian virus?

Travian isn't virus, it's a webgame - strategic game played through your web browser. Sometimes it uses pop-up advertisements for propagation, which is kind of nasty thing, be (MORE)