Travian is an online browser game. It is based largely on strategy. The player gets to take charge of his own village and can expand to found or conquer new villages as time goes on. The overall aim of a single game (or server) of Travian is to form alliances with other players and build a "World Wonder."

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What is a travian crop finder?

A travian crop finder searches for villages with 15 or 9 crop-fields. It is illegal to use them but normally the admins will never know or you won't get punished for it.


Where do get travian crop finder?



What does travian crop finder do?

It actually Finds Croppers for u ( 15c or 9c ) ..
U can type ur coordinates In there and type the crop oasis bonus and maximum distance for crop finder to find croppers... Remember it is Illegal to use Crop finder
examples of some crop finder- OR

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What are some cheats for Travian?

Answer 1

There are none.

You cannot cheat on multiplayer browser games such as Travian. Unless you directly hack the Travian servers, which is detectable, traceable and illegal (you WILL be prosecuted).

Answer 2

Travian is monitored very carefully and detection of cheats or hacking leads to automatic account deletion.


What can embassy's do in travian?

The embassy allows you to join an alliance. Without at least one embassy, you cannot join an alliance. In the embassy you will be able to access your alliance page, alliance battle reports, alliance news and forum. You will also be able to access the options page which lists the things you are allowed to do. For most people it will only be to leave the alliance. For alliance leaders and administrators, it will allow them to place an external forum link, update the alliance page as well as inviting or removing players from the alliance.

At Embassy Level 3 you can create your own alliance. This will give you all the privileges listed above as well as to give other players privileges. At lvl 3 the alliance will be able to hold 15 players. This will increase by 3 players per embassy lvl after that.

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Where can you find information about a player?

If you want to find information on a sports player then search the name of who you want to know about on the internet and see what comes up! Wikipedia can sometimes be good.


Where do you find a travian scripts?

just write in google travian scriptsthat's what I do just write in google travian scriptsthat's what I do

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Many people have a fear of the number 13, believing it to be unlucky. Because of this, many hotels and other high rise buildings will eliminate at 13th floor, either skipping to floor 14 or substituting a 12A floor.


Is the game travian a virus?

I don't think so. I just joined and did a little research on it because I had the same suspicion. It said that it's just a game originally for mobile phones. You didn't have to install anything or sign up with a bunch of information which helps lighten the fear. I would try scanning your computer for viruses just to be sure.


What is activation code of travian 1?


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Is fire bug 1.2 hack travian?


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What is activation code of travian?

idont now

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How do you exit a house in the game Swag from Armor Games?

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Where do you find a travian crop finder?

here's the best site:

Select the server at the top, then click on "crop finder"

But I advice you all against it as it is illegal.


How much gold do you earn for inviting a friend on travian?



On Travian how do you attack other villages?

First you must have a rally point built in that village. After a rally point and a main building level 3, the ability to build barracks will surface. Once you have built barracks and have soldiers in your village. You can select any village or oasis on the map and there will be an option to send troops. Here you can chose to attack.


How do you make a alliance in Travian?

To make an alliance in Travian, you must have an embassy then level it up until the embassy is level 3 then you can make alliances.


How much internet bandwidth does Travian use?

1400 gb

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How do you enter cheats codes in travian?

you cant people say you can and post them online but they dont work they only do it for publicity(soyou go on their website)

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