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What is trichomoniasis?

It is a protozoa infection. Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a protozoa or parasite. Trich is a STD caused by a protozoa. Trich (trichomoniasis) is a ( Full Answer )
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Is trichomoniasis curable?

Yes by antibiotics. Trichomoniasis is normally curable with 2 grams of metronidazole. Problems with antibiotic resistance have been reported, and a person with continued or re ( Full Answer )
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Can trichomoniasis kill you?

No. Trich is considered the most commoncurable STD. However, trichomoniasis may increase your risk ofgetting or passing other sexually transmitted infections like HIV.To ensur ( Full Answer )
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How do you prevent Trichomoniasis?

You can reduce the risk of trichomoniasis by reducing the number of sex partners, and by using condoms whenever you have sex. Women can be screened for trich, but screening fo ( Full Answer )
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Is trichomoniasis an STD?

Yes trichomoniasis is a STD. Triganomis isn't a STD. Yes trichomoniasis is considered an STI.
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Can lesbians get trichomoniasis?

I'm a 48 year old lesbian who has never had sex with a man nor have I used dildos. Over the course of my life and lovers, I have twice had trichomoniasis. So, the answer is ( Full Answer )
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Can you get trichomoniasis orally?

Trich doesn't live in the mouth. Answer . According to, trichomonas is solely a genital infection. . But there are cases, of which I have one now in the hos ( Full Answer )
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Who gets trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis affects people who have sexual contact with someonewho is infected. It's a protozoal infection spread by intimatecontact.
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Can a women get trichomoniasi?

Yes, as can men. It is a sexually transmitted infection caused bythe single-celled protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis.
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Is Trichomoniasis serious?

Trichomoniasis on its own is annoying, but not serious. It canincrease the risk of getting other infections like HIV, though.