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What is general vegetarianism?

The most basic form of vegetarianism is a lacto-ovo vegetarian. To be ANY form of a vegetarian, you must not eat or use anything that directly causes the death of an animal. N (MORE)

Are chimps vegetarians?

Chimps are approximately 98-99% vegetarian. The remaining 1-2% of their diet consists of bugs, especially termites. Chimps have been observed on rare occasions to kill and con (MORE)
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Which birds are vegetarian?

Vegetarian birds include the following species: Cockatoo, goose, hoatzin, hyacinth, kakapo, macaw (blue, gold, hyacinth and scarlet) and toucan
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Is fudge vegetarian?

I am a vegetarian and Fudge is just sugar and butter so yes you can have fudge!
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Can Muslims be vegetarian?

Yes, a Muslim can be vegetarian if he wants so for any reason. However, it is not preferred to refrain yourself from eating something allowed to you unless have strong reasons (MORE)

Are turkeys vegetarian?

Turkeys are not vegetarian. They are omnivorous, which means they  will eat a range of food including vegetables and small animals.

Do you have a menu for vegetarian?

if you are a vegetarian that doesn't eat poultry or red meat, but eats eggs and dairy, I have some delicious menu ideas from my own experience. Breakfast: waffles, pancakes, e (MORE)