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What is volume?

The amount of 3-dimensional space occupied by a substance or an object is its volume. A gas, when heated, can expand to many times the volume it had at room temperature. An ob (MORE)

What is a volume?

The volume is the units in a shape or a type of object your working with. It is mainly units in a box, so you would count the boxes and if there would 2 shapes or math objects (MORE)

How do you get volume?

Volume is measured in "cubic" units. You can think of the volume of a figure sort of as the number of cubes required to fill it completely, like blocks in a box -- but that's (MORE)
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The Volume of a can?

Most canned goods have their volume printed on their label in fluid ounces, milliliters (ml) or liters. The volume of a cylindrical can may be calculated by using the formula (MORE)
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Volum is what?

For one, it is spelled "V-O-L-U-M- E ". Just thought you should know that!! And the formula for volume is length times width times height!! Your very welcome!!
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How do you get your volume?

step 1: get a water tank, larger than the bathtub in bathroom, smaller than a swimming pool. step 2: make calibrations of volume on the tank, i.e. water level indicator. st (MORE)

What is volume and what is the measurement for volume?

Volume is Length times wigth times hight. . volume it depends on what you are measuring like a wall or a chair of some sort. . if you were measuring a cubic figure then it (MORE)