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What was the turning point of the Watergate scandal?

In March, 1973, the Watergate burglars appeared before Judge John Sirica to be sentenced. Burglar and former CIA-agent James McCord wrote a letter to Sirica spilling the beans (MORE)

What was the goal in the Watergate scandal?

The goal of the Watergate break in was to gain information that might be helpful in the presidential election campaign. After the burglars were caught, the goal was to cover u (MORE)

Why was the Watergate scandal controversial?

  Watergate   The Watergate Scandal was a threat to the Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers written into the Constitution. No branch, or elected official, or (MORE)

What people were involved in the Watergate scandal?

Five men who were key figures in the Watergate scandal and exposure were Richard Nixon, Judge John Sirica, John Mitchell, G. Gordon Libby, and Senator Sam Ervin. Some other (MORE)

What was the end of the Watergate scandal?

The end of the watergatre scandal was when the Supreme Court asked for, "the tapes," which had an 18.5 minute gap. However, the President refused to give them up. The House of (MORE)

What was the Watergate scandal?

The Watergate Scandal (1972-1974) (or just "Watergate") was anAmerican political scandal and constitutional crisis that led tothe resignation of President Richard Nixon. The (MORE)