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For network devices, it's a MAC address. MAC stands for 'media access control' and it's a unique identifier that's present in all hardware that interfaces with a traditional computer network. The device that manages DHCP (or assigning IP addresses to devices) often asks the devices for their MAC addresses and then gives them an IP address. Usually MAC addresses are written as something like 00:0a:5e:1a:8d:a2 and they use hexidecimal notation (allowed numbers 0-9, and letters A-F).

In modem what kind of address is used?

If your talking about a dial-up modem, it uses a public IP just like a ethernet card. It depends on your ISP, what range of IP addresses you are assigned when you connect (DHCP: automatically assigned IP address; IP address can change) or you could also have a static address( IP address is always th (MORE)

What are the three kinds of power addressed by the constitution?

I believe you are referring to Montesquieu's Doctrine of the Seperation of Powers which contendes taht there are three types of political power: Executive (governmental), Legislative (law-making), and Judicial (judging). The doctrine declares that in a society the above three powers should always be (MORE)

How can you be kind?

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Do you have to have an address?

At your home no. Unless you have a job and need a place for mail you need one or one at the post office. If you want people to actually find your house, I stress you need one.

What is your address?

Your address is the physical or descriptive location of your home or place of residence. In the US it is typically denoted by a set of numbers and a street name, the city, state, and postal zip code where mail is delivered. In some states, such as Michigan, the electrical utility provider assigns a (MORE)

Can I get your address?

WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about persons famous or nonfamous alike, due to privacy regulations, and WikiAnswers policies.

What is a kind?

a type of animal; there can be great variety of breeds or even species within a kind, but all animals reproduce after their own kind

If IP address then why MAC address?

IP addresses are broken down into two types: public and private. Public IP addresses are unique in nature. In other words, no two are the same. Private IP addresses are not unique across multiple networks. In other words, on network A, you will only have one address of, but that address (MORE)

Address irdaindia.org email address?

Head Office : . Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority 3rd Floor, Parisrama Bhavan, Basheer Bagh HYDERABAD 500 004 Andhra Pradesh (INDIA ) Ph: (040) 23381100 Fax: (040) 6682 3334. Delhi Office: . Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Delhi Office - Gate No. 3 Jeevan Tar (MORE)

What kind of computer stores IP addresses?

Every computer connected to a network stores its own IP address, this includes small gadgets with network capabilities like some cell phones or the iPod touch . A DNS - Domain Name Server - works as a sort of phone directory for computers and stores lots of IP addresses. But a DNS is not a kind of (MORE)

What are the physical addresses for the logical addresses?

In Windows, you can find out what physical address is assigned to each IP (logical) address by using the following command in the command window: arp - r If a certain IP address doesn't appear in the list, you may first have to force your computer to communicate with that IP address, for example (MORE)

What kind of server translates a domain name to an IP address?

One of the ideas behind the Internet is the fact that you can type in a friendly name and get directed to the site instead of the more unfriendly IP address. How is this possible? The type of server is called the DNS server (or Domain name server) The two can be easily compared to a phone b (MORE)

What kind of printer is assigned an IP address?

A printer is assigned an IP address when used in a networking environment and only if it is used with a printer routing device wich will assign the printer an available IP address from the main router to share it over the network.

Physical address and logical address?

Logical address - generated by the CPU; also referred to as virtual address . Physical address - address seen by the memory unit (loaded into memory-address register). Logical and physical addresses are the same in compile-time and load-time address-binding schemes; logical (virtual) (MORE)

How do you address an address in the us from Vietnam?

You would use the form as follows: "Property number" "Street" "City", "State" "Zip Code" USA For example: 1 Market Street San Francisco, California 94100 USA I am unfamiliar with Vietnamese postal operators, so there may be additional items you need to include to route the mail outside of the co (MORE)

What kind of IP addressing is needed to prepare a computer to serve up remote desk top?

The settings below is the most simplistic network configuration required for two devices to communicate with each other on an IPv4 TCP/IP network, assuming that IP addresses and are available for use: Device-A IP: Subnet Mask: Device-B IP: 10. (MORE)

How can you get the IP address for an email address?

An e-mail address is not associated with any specific IP address. The only IP address that you can obtain from an e-mail address is the SMTP server that initially delivered the e-mail, not the machine from which the e-mail originated. The e-mail headers may contain the IP address of the original mac (MORE)

Is Mac address hardware address?

99% of the time, yes. There is the ability on a network adapter to over-ride the mac-address that comes with it, but very rarely is that feature ever used. fm

What can you do to be kind?

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Whose address is the return address?

The person who is sending the letter or other item. If it concerns something like an invitation and the address is different for the party the return address is still the person who is sending it. The party address would be inside the invitation.

Why do you have to be kind?

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What are the two kinds of internet protocol addresses and their function?

There are several kinds of protocol that's constantly being used: Most used DATA and Knowledge transferring... To answer your question the two MAIN and most Popular is: 1. HTTP (Hyper text transfer protocol) www.answers.com (surfingweb) 2. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) FTP://172.199.xx.xx (file tra (MORE)

What is addressivity?

Addressivity is the quality of engaging in communication for the sake of someone with whom someone is attempting to communicate.

What is an addresser?

An addresser is someone who gives an address or speech, or a person or machine which supplies an address to an object to have it delivered to a specific location.

What Is addressability?

Addressability is the capability of a microprocessor to deal with values of a certain size using a single instruction.

What kinds of questions does economics address?

Economics answers everything from day to day life. Why is this coffee in Starbucks more expensive than 7Eleven? Why is the produce sold at Farmers Market more expensive than the regular supermarket? Would it be advantageous to go on a date? What are the chances of getting a date in the bar? Etc.