02 Intrepid leaking coolant out the weep hole next to thermostat could this be bad water pump which is in the engine or a possible cracked block The oil and coolant havent mixedalready chnged thermost?

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That is a failed water pump. That hole is there for the pump to leak when its shaft seal goes bad.
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How could coolant get into the engine oil?

Answer . \nMore than likely, you have a blown head gasket. Do not drive this car in this condition. Serious engine damage will occur. Have it repaired ASAP. Answer . \nThe above answer is correct, but it may also be that your engine block has a crack in it. This would be much worse and again ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a coolant leak on a 91 Chevy cavalier that is not coming from the engine or the hoses or the Radiator or the weep hole from the pump.?

Answer . Though it is only meant to be a long lasting temporary measure, most car oriented stores have a powder product that you put into your radiator and it settles to plug the hole.\n. \nA better solution is to stick with liquid and with a known brand.\n. \nhttp://www.wynns.ca/pages/english ( Full Answer )

Can a water Pump in a 1992 Sunbird Squeal really loud like the bearings are bad and not leak water out of the weep hole?

Answer . Yes, it will only leak if the seal is bad. Have you checked the drive belt? Squealing is normally a loose or worn drive belt.. Yes, the timing belt is brand new which is where the water pump sits. And somewhere with in the timing belt area this noise is coming from and I am not sure wha ( Full Answer )

What about a 91 Mazda RX 7 non turbo that does not have smoke coming out of the engine but the coolant continues to leak from the over flow reservoir has a new thermostat Could it be the water pump no?

Yes it could be the water pump. It could also be a clogged radiator, or air in the system that needs to be bled. out, There is a bleed screw on the thermostat housing. With the engine running unscrew the valve till coolant flows steady with no air pockets for at least 5 seconds. Now there is no air ( Full Answer )

Would a faulty thermostat cause engine coolant to leak in a 1997 Chevy Malibu?

Coolant Leak Probably not. If you don't already know a thermostats job is to open up to allow coolant to flow throughout the engine once it has warmed up; and it's supposed to stay closed until the engine has warmed up. A stuck open thermostat will have an engine take forever to warm up as coolant ( Full Answer )

Why sometimes my heater blows cold air unless the car is moving Dodge Intrepid 01 Car has new thermostat and water pump coolant level is correct?

Answer . ON the coolant resevoir, look for the hose that runs to a tubular metal connection, it is a smaller hose at the top, make sure coolant flows out when the car is started, willing to bet it is blocked from the point where it connects to the heater core unit. I had the same problem. car wor ( Full Answer )

Why would coolant shoot from the overflow tank on a 1994 ford escort 1.9 changed thermostat could it be the water pump or head gasket?

Answer . 1) System overfilled (too much coolant in tank) 2) Overheating. 3) Faulty radiator cap (doesn't hold pressure) 4) Hole in tank. 5) Residual air pockets in cooling system due to improper filling procedure. 6) Pressurized combustion gasses in cooling system from damaged engine or ( Full Answer )

If coolant is leaking out the weep hole of your 1982 RM125 does that mean you have a bad water pump If so can you replace that where could you purchase this or is it possible to rebuild it?

weep hole leakage yes it means your water pump is not working right. it is the first sign it is about to stop working. you can have it rebuilt by someone who has the tools and know how ... but chances are you can just go to autozone and get a rebuilt one from them for less the headache ! have agood ( Full Answer )

Coolant leak mixed with oil?

Generally, when you find anti-freeze in your oil, it is usually a bad head gasket. However, it can also be caused by a cracked head or a cracked engine block. Was the vehicle ever overheated or run low on coolant? You might try a little shade-tree mechanic trick and add "Bar's Leak" (pellets only, d ( Full Answer )

Why would coolant leak out of the engine?

Freeze plugs. More likely that hoses are leaking or thermostat housing is leaking. Freeze Plugs generally NEVER leaks unless engine block has had frozen coolant in it. Hence, Freeze Plugs.

What happens if Coolant is leaking into the engine?

Engine will overheat. Sounds like it may have overheated sometime in the past. Maybe a Head Gasket,Warped Head,or cracked engine block.What ever it is,it is not good. You will also have 1 or more cylinders with low compression so it will misfire blow white smoke out the tailpipe since it is gettin ( Full Answer )

1996 Chevy Beretta with crack in block of engine causing coolant leak how to fix it yourself?

REDBEARD ANSWER: A cracked block cannot be repaired. Either replace the engine or get rid of the car. However, if you're not certain that it's a cracked block you can check the head gasket and/or freeze plugs. In general Detroit engine blocks seem to be a little more durable than some and you don't ( Full Answer )

Where could a leak be coming from the engine coolant?

If you can see no external leak, then suspect an internal leak as in a Blown Head Gasket. This is very serious and severe engine damage will occur if you continue to drive the car. Get this repaired ASAP, and stop driving the car. You do not let us know if you see coolant on the ground or on the ( Full Answer )

Why is my 1997 Firebird leaking coolant from above the water pump and below the thermostat housing?

I just got threw with the same problem. There is a heater bypass plastic elbow there. It must be replaced the problem is its a lot of work we had to remove intake manifold. Hope this helps. Actually it is easy just remove belt from alternator take off alternator 3 bolts, then take off the two hos ( Full Answer )

Coolant leaking from engine?

Yes, coolant can leak from the engine. If it's hot outside and you're running the Air Conditioner (AC) and you back up and see a liquid on the ground, it's probably condensation from the AC unit. Or, it could be collant leaking from the engine. How old is the car? Do you consider radiator hoses to b ( Full Answer )

Fix coolant leaking into oil?

Sounds like a bad head gasket or cracked head problem but we really need to know the year, make, model and engine to help you.

Why is there engine coolant in the oil and oil in the coolant?

Need more info. Year, engine size and what it is in so I can answer your question correctly. You will have to ask your question again with this information and your problem. Failed oil cooler, headgasket, cracked head, etc.

Is it okay to drive with coolant water leaking in oil tank?

no!!!!! stop and have the head gasket replaced that is most common reason for coolant leak into oil pan. ---------------- After 35 years of owning my own auto repair shop my experience has been that the most common reason for antifreeze in the oil is a bad intake manifold gasket....Bad head gasket ( Full Answer )

How can your engine coolant be low if there are no leaks?

If you are absolutely sure there are no external leaks then you probably have a weak head gasket and the coolant is being pulled into the cylinders and burned with the fuel. Found after removing and replacing the sensor and bottle still had error finally drained radiator and added correct coolant m ( Full Answer )

Is an engine coolant leak bad?

Yes, If to much leaks out this will cause the engine to over heat, smoke and or stall hence the name engine COOLant :)

Engine oil leaking into coolant water?

That is not good, at all. That could be a blown head gasket, or even a crack in your engine somewhere not visible. The only way to tell is to tear your engine down and find the problem. It would just be best to take it to a certified mechanic. To be sure it is coolant and oil, does your exhaust smok ( Full Answer )

Does a bad thermostat cause coolant to leak out?

It can if it is stuck closed the engine overheats causing hot air ( steam ) to flow backwards to radiator cap which releases and blows steam pressure into recovery reservoir which starts blowing out the coolant in the reservoir making a puddle on ground.

What happens when the thermostat blocks the flow of coolant into the engine?

Then coolant doesn't flow through the engine block, and your motor is allowed to build up heat. If your thermostat works properly, it'll open up when the specified temperature is set, and coolant will flow in. If it's not working properly, then the heat will continue to build until you either shut o ( Full Answer )