03 Taurus you are getting a remote starter installed they take one of your keys and hide it in the car do you have to still start it with a chip key or can you get anyone made?

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I am trying to figure this whole senerio out, because it sounds as if there is a misunderstanding either on the part of the installer, or on your part as to what they are doing.Here is why. The signal exchange between transponder inside the key handle and the transciever in the steering column is so weak that the key has to be inserted into the lock clinder where the transciever is located in order for it to receive the signal from the key. A key hidden somewhere in the vehicle will not comumicate with the transciever because it will be too far out of range.A remote start system uses a key simulator to take the place of a PATS key. If the system is correct for the vehicle and the installer does it correctly, the remote start system will actually send a key signal to the PATS system by means of this PATS key simulator, without any key needed in the cylinder or hidden anywhere in the car.As far as the owner is concerned no other operational changes to the car are done, so you will still have to use a PATS key to start the car, unless you are using the remote start system.
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