03 Taurus you are getting a remote starter installed they take one of your keys and hide it in the car do you have to still start it with a chip key or can you get anyone made?

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I am trying to figure this whole senerio out, because it sounds as if there is a misunderstanding either on the part of the installer, or on your part as to what they are doing.Here is why. The signal exchange between transponder inside the key handle and the transciever in the steering column is so weak that the key has to be inserted into the lock clinder where the transciever is located in order for it to receive the signal from the key. A key hidden somewhere in the vehicle will not comumicate with the transciever because it will be too far out of range.A remote start system uses a key simulator to take the place of a PATS key. If the system is correct for the vehicle and the installer does it correctly, the remote start system will actually send a key signal to the PATS system by means of this PATS key simulator, without any key needed in the cylinder or hidden anywhere in the car.As far as the owner is concerned no other operational changes to the car are done, so you will still have to use a PATS key to start the car, unless you are using the remote start system.
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If your husband takes the car keys from you when he gets mad at you is this abuse?

It is an act of control and disrespect for your personal boundaries and, as such, yes, it is abusive. It all depends on the situation. If you are really angry or have been drinking then he should take the keys. If he is abusive verbally and you just want to get away from him, yes it is a form of ab ( Full Answer )

How to remove ignition on 02 Ford Taurus to install remote sensor for car starter?

Answer . The solunoid is located on the starter, on the lower front of the engine located between the engine and radiator. Some of the remote starter kits come with a wiring harness that requires that you remove the small wire from the starter, and connect this wire to the kit, most require that ( Full Answer )

I own a 2006 Toyota corolla. About 2 months ago I got a remote start installed on the car.Its been working fine I tried starting the car and it wont work with the key only the remote start. any ideas?

When they installed the remote starter they cut your starter wire and wired in a "starter kill" function. When they connected the key side and the starter side to the alarm they didn't make a good connection on the key side and that wire came loose. If it is a directed electronics product ie. Viper ( Full Answer )

Your 1994 Accord is not starting When you turn the key you hear the spark but then it dies the battery will come on if you jump it but the car still will not start How do you locate the starter switch?

Answer . Your problem may be as simple as dirty and corroded battery connections and a failing battery. when you hear a click but it dies it is a good sign that some nasty stuff had built up between the cable and the battery post, if left long enough it will eat its way up and into the wire as w ( Full Answer )

How do you know if there is a chip in your car key?

If the plastic portion you grip is grey in color on the original you had or have now, that's pretty much a dead giveaway that yes you do have a coded chip key. I'd call your dealership and ask to be sure. If you need to get a second key made, don't pay outrageous dealership prices, when you can ge ( Full Answer )

What is needed for a remote start with a microchip key?

Depends on the car. Most cars use a universal module called a "556U" With this module, you put a chipped key in the module which was a wire that wraps around the key and the other side wraps around the key cylinder so the car thinks the key is in the cylinder. There are new modules that have just co ( Full Answer )

What car keys have chips in them?

Transponder Keys - have a chip inside the handle of the key, which also often features remote control buttons for locks & trunk access. "Remote keys" and "switchblade keys" are two types of transponder keys. Smart Keys/ FOBIK Keys - an all-in-one car remote & key, usually standard with push-but ( Full Answer )

Why is your remote starter on your car not starting?

I have a 1999 maxima, now i guessing this is a Nissan remote car starter because it's said Nissan on the key chain lol. I pressed the button twice and dash board lights comes on, it's turning over like (when u try to start a car when there no fire to distributor) it wants to start but i guess wen th ( Full Answer )

How do you know if your car key has a chip in it?

You will know if your car key has a chip in it by checking yourvehicle's owners manual. You can also check with the dealershipwhere you purchased the car. You cannot tell by the appearance ofthe key.

How do remote car keys work?

The remote has a radio transmitter built in. The car has a receiverconnected to the car locks. The signal from the remote turns oncertain circuits in the receiver causing the doors to lock orunlock.

Wiring diagrams to install a remote car starter on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

I would suggest to look to the vendor / maker of the remote starter for their wiring diagrams - they should have the specifics not only for the starter, but also the Taurus. At least Bulldog starters have all that wiring information available. Not sure of other manufacturers. See also "Related Q ( Full Answer )

When the key or remote doesn't work in a car how do you get in?

Well, if you aren't stealing the car you call the dealership and tell them what model it is and the year. They will be able to sell you a key/remote or tell you to get a locksmith and drive into them so they can replace the lock. This will cost you a few dollars.

Why does your car starter click with keys out?

i have a 2007 chevy cobalt.it only has 17000 miles on it. i had aremote car starter put in a year and ahalf ago. i never had aproblem. now when i start my car it makes a clicking noise.thenoise goes away after a few seconds and i can still drive the car.

Does the 1995 BMW 530i require a chip in the key to start the car?

No it doesnt. I bought a 1994 BMW 530i that only came with 1 key. I immediately started calling about a making a copy (due to my absent mindedness&past locking-key-in-car incidences), only to be shocked at the dealers replacement key price of about $100 (which also requires a bill of sale, title or ( Full Answer )

Where is the key on the remote start engine?

If Im getting your your grammar right and you are are asking which button on your remote will start the engine ( if this accessorie has been added or included with your lock --unlock--arm&disarm alarm system , ) on most systems including the GIFFORD that's on my 1989 silverado 4x4 z71 Re-named "Bl ( Full Answer )

Do you need two keys to program a remote car starter?

Sometimes. The only reason you will usually need a key to program is for the immobilizer bypass module. Depending on the immobilizer used in the vehicle, some will require two keys to properly program the bypass module. This will depend on whether or not your vehicle has an immobilizer, and if it do ( Full Answer )

When was the first remote car starter made?

The first remote car starter was invented by Theodore Galvani and Giuseppe Barratelli of Illinois in 1960s. It was awarded patented number 3577164 in 1971. It used walkie talkie type transmitter/receiver and was able to pump the gas pedal as all cars were carbureted at the time. The starter was n ( Full Answer )

Can't get into car with remote or key and car won't start?

You can always break in. Just a quick suggestion. You can't unlock the door manually. Sounds like an electrical. Many door locks today and just switches that control solenoids. If there is an electrical problem this could happen. I would contact the people who installed the remote starter. The ( Full Answer )

Who installs remote car starter in Minnetonka?

Wheels to Waves. They're on Shoreline Drive in Spring Park, MN (middle of Lake Minnetonka). 612-437-6212 They can come to you or you go to them. Great quality, fair price.

What are the steps to installing a remote car starter?

To begin with, check the box or manual of the remote car starter to see if the product is compatible with your car. Use a soldering iron to connect wires following the manual. If there is more than one wire for ignition, accessory or the starter, use a relay to connect them.

How do you know if your car key has a chip?

If the plastic portion you grip is grey in color on the original you had or have now, that's pretty much a dead giveaway that yes you do have a coded chip key. To be sure just go to Walmart auto department where they make keys. They can test it and tell you if it has a chip.

What is the price for remote car starter installation?

If purchasing from a store like Best Buy or Auto Zone, you could get free installation if you opt to have it done at the time of the sale. Base prices for remote starter installations are in the $70 to $90 range depending on the amount of time the tech has to spend on it. Getting a quote on the in ( Full Answer )

How do you dry a car key with the computer chip?

The best way to dry the computer chip in your key would be tocarefully dismantle it with out breaking anything. Remove thebattery. Get a piece of toilet paper and use it to dry any smalldroplets on the circuit board, or if you have access to Acompressed air supply, blow the water off with an air blo ( Full Answer )