06 Mazda 3 turn signals wont work on one side?

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If its the same problem as mine,I have a 08speed3, I've been told it's the passenger control unit. About $1000 from Mazda!!! I'm searching for A cheaper solution.
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Why 1984 Plymouth reliant turn signals wont work?

mine had this problem as well.... take off the fuse cover and take a look at the fuses, it should be a silver fuse type aparatus with 2 prongs that are perpindicular to eacho

2000 f150 turn signals wont work?

\nReplace the Flasher Relay. Located Front seating area, driver side, behind left hand side of instrument panel, on fuse panel.
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Your e450 turn signal wont work?

One of four things can cause a turn signal not to work. Either theturn signal switch assembly, a bad bulb, a bad fuse, or a bad turnsignal flasher.