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Take a urine pregnancy test, but I think you just had a light period and if it's one time, it's normal. If the next three are just brown spotting, see a doctor.

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I believe they can come in Red/orange White (if albino or arctic) Light Brown Dark brown

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they come in varies types of color example : brown black dark brownish red and light brown

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yes yes they come in green, brown and apparently blue??

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As a general rule, if you mix together all of the spare, leftover paint cans from several other jobs, you'll come up with some shade of brown.

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What does it mean when your period is rusty brown?

If you are just starting it then it usually will be brown. The longer you get your period then it should or will come out as a more reddish color.

How is poop brown?

what i learen was what you eat sometime is the color of your feces and if you eat 2 and diffrent color it comes out brown or green even red .might come with corn or the food you eat

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What does it mean when your period was a month late and when it did come it was brown and it only lasted 3 days?

where you taking birth control pills? if so that's probably why

What color are Shetland ponies?

Shetland ponys come in all sorts of colours, like black, brown, white, brown and white, black and white, black and brown.

If both parents have blue eyes how come there child has dark brown?

Brown is a dominant eye color and one of the child's grandparents most likely had brown eyes.

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No. You cannot tell the color of eggs the chicken will lay by the color of their feathers. I have green egg laying chickens called Araucana's and they are not green chickens. Brown feathered hens lay both white and brown eggs as do white hens. Feather color is not an indicator of egg color, breed determines the color of the egg.

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The most common color of a butterfly is the color of brown. Butterflies come in many different colors. There are over 165,000 species of butterflies.