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If you have no spark, check the ignition coil and ballast resistor.

If the engine tries to fire when you turn the key to off position, there may be a short in the ignition switch.

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Q: 1967 dodge d100 it has no spark you have changed plugs wires distributor cap rotor condensor and contacts What else could cause this?
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Can anyone tell me why my 1974 Corvette won't fire even after I've replaced the plugs and wires the condensor the rotor and distributor cap and the condensor?

On a 74 Corvette, there is a primary coil inside of the distributor that is usually the cause. I would assume that the engine turns over, but no fire. While you have the distributor apart, you might as well replace the secondary coil, located under the distributor plate too, because if this is the problem, you would have to tear the whole thing down again to fix it, and the parts do not cost that much.

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What would cause 91 4-runner distributor to slice contacts with the rotor and how would you fix this?

Take off cap, check for slack in dist. bushings, See if the shaft can move side to side?, I bet so, Replace the distributor.

What could be the cause for no spark to the plugs on a Chevy s10 blazer 4.3 votexi have changed the distributor and coil and cps and ecm and the pcm.?

The magnetic plate in the distributor shaft, for the pick up coil, may be cracked.

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What needs to be fixed on a 1997 Ford Escort that shakes and then stalls when stopped for long periods of time?

Try a minor tuneup by changing the spark plugs and checking the distributor contacts. Sounds like the vehicle is burning rich which is what's making it shake and finally stall while stopped. Dirty or worn out plugs or even a bad spark due to corroded or dirty contacts in the distributor will cause this.

Would a bad distributor cause backfire in a 1983 Chevy 350?

Certainly. Check the inside of the distributor cap for any indication that there may have been "electrical arcing". Moisture too can cause backfiring. If you haven't changed the cap and rotor for a while it's not a bad idea, just out of preventative maintenance.

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No, it will not.

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