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take new alternator back where u bought it and get another

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What brand name is the alternator on a 2003 Hyundai sonata?

The 2003 Hyundai Sonata was equipped with a VALEO alternator as the original equipment manufacture brand.

How much it cost to replace an alternator for a chrysler pacifica?

the alternator + replacing fees lies between $350-$400 if the alternator is remanufactured (not brand new). The cost may reach $600 if it is brand new

How to change the alternator on an 1984 Chevy caprice can you use the one off your 1982?

I would guess that yes you can. If they look the same and will fit, it will work even if the voltage output is different. If either car was a police car it uses a much higher output alternator as cops have to run lights and radios and such in which case it might not work. A good visual inspection will tell you what you need to know. Before putting any alternator on a car (even if brand new) take it to autozone and have the voltage test run. I can't tell you how many brand new alternators I have had that were no good. You will need to have a voltage at least 13v

1991 Eagle Talon What makes it drain the battery when the alternator is brand new and so is the batteryWhat makes it drain the battery when the alternator is brand new and so is the battery?

it reg=charges

Cost to replace a Nissan Maxima alternator?

It should cost between 500-700 based on the brand of the alternator and the shop.

What makes a brand new one week old alternator go bad?

If your battery is not fully functioning and needs to be replaced, it can make the alternator work harder. This could cause a brand new alternator to go bad. Check your battery, if the battery is not the issue, return the alternator, it should have a warranty on it for at least the first 30 days.

Brand new alternator squeels and doesnt charge battery?

the belt probly is not tight enough

You have a brand new battery it discharges right after it is charged again is it the alternator?

Assuming the new battery is good! The usual problem why a battery is not charging is the alternator. The battery will be discharged if the alternator is not working properly when you start the engine and when the engine is running, etc. The vehicle uses the batteries electricity instead of the alternators electrical output, and of course if the battery is not being replenished by the alternator the battery will fail in a short period of time. You should test the alternator to see if it is putting out between 12 and 15 volts. Another possible things that could be the problem with a New battery failing so quick is, maybe the proper amount of acid was not put into the battery, a short in the wiring, etc.

Replace Car Alternator?

form_title=Replace Car Alternator form_header=If you're having trouble with the alternator, you might notice problems starting the car or charging the battery. How old is the battery?=_ Has the car been making weird noises when you try to start it?= () Yes () No Is there a brand or aftermarket alternator you would prefer to buy for your car?= () Yes () No

What is draining new battery and alternator on BMW 525i?

If the battery is brand-new and I would suspect either the alternator is defective or you have a lightbulb somewhere on the vehicle that is pulling power from the battery. It can also be a relay that is stuck.

What is wrong with the battery if it wont stay charged with a new alternator on a Chrysler 5Th avenue?

Your alternator is probably rebuilt and not really new. I have had this problem several times and I have bought a new battery and alternator. The alternator keeps your battery charged and powers your electrical system, so even when driving you can lose all power in the car from the alternator draining your battery. Take the battery and alternator to an auto store and they will test both for free. Ask them about the difference in a rebuilt alternator and a brand new one. This is a very common problem.

If I'm on my third alternator in my 2000 Toyota Sienna in a year something is killing them what is killing my alternator?

i would start by testing the battery , i have seen cases where the battery was good enough to start the vehicle but was causing the alternator to do all the work resulting in premature failure. my f150 went through a brand new ford alternator in 2 months .

What would cause the battery idiot light to come on in a 2000 Cougar after you just had the alternator replaced?

i had the same problem! replaced my alternator 3 times! battery light kept coming on, finally took it to an alternator specialist, come to find out my wireing was connected wrong, and the connector was bad, car wasn't reading the alternator correctly causing the alternator to shut down. Got it fixed for roughly 350 dollars but no problems since, suggest brand new alternator not a rebuilt one!

How much should it cost to replace an alternator on a 2002 ford explorer?

Looking on the website for O'Reilly Auto parts, alternators for the 4.0 SOHC V6 range from about $140 for a rebuilt alternator to $240 for an original OEM alternator. For the V8, it looks like $114 for a rebuilt off-brand alternator to $276 for an original OEM alternator. Changing an alternator is a very simple task you should be able to do yourself, so you can save yourself labor cost going that route. If you're not up to the task, expect about $80 in labor in addition to the cost of the alternator.

83 Celica charging light and brake light on all the time replaced brand new alternator and brand new battery the problem does not go away what else could be the problem?

Should give more info. Did they come on at the same time or days apart? Could you have 2 problems not just one? If they both came on together you could have a wiring problem. If it has a sensor for the light in the master cylinder it could just be low on fluid, bad sensor or damaged wiring to sensor. Have you checked the output of the alternator with a digital multimeter? Check it at the alternator first, should be 13-14 volts while running. You can check it at the battery also, again should be 13-14 volts while running.

Brand new battery won't stay charged in my 1998 cadillac?

The battery is bad or the alternator is not putting out the correct voltage and is bad.

Is it abnormal for a brand new alternator to last only five years?

Typically they have a limited lifetime warranty. But it's not really brand new after 5 years. Also take into consideration your vehicle may have an electrical condition which could be causing your alternator to prematurely fail. Your best bet is to take it into an licensed mechanic and have them test the alternator, or if you are adventurous (and out of warranty) test the thing yourself. You can find instruction on the internet on how to test this yourself. I hope this helped you out.

You own a 2004 grand prix gt and it is making a whining noise around the alternator are really noticeable when climbing a steep incline you put a brand new alternator on it and that didn't fix it?

I would check your power steering fuild.

How much does an alternator cost for a 2002 PT Cruiser?

The price for a new replacement alternator for a 2002 PT Cruiser ranges from $98 to $145.00, depending the brand and where it's purchased. Chrysler produced the PT Cruiser from 2000 to 2010.

Why would a brand new battery need to be charged or jumped every day The car's power keeps losing its charge every day since about one week or so after replacing the battery with a brand new one.?

check to see if the alternator is working properly or maybe an alternator wire came loose with the new battery installation.

What causes the alternator not to charge in a 92 Buick Skylark?

If it's properly connected, it's just worn-out. When you get it replaced, make sure you get a new one and not a rebuilt alternator. I had a brand new Bosch alternator put in my 1995 Skylark about 4 years ago and it's worked like a charm ever since.

What causes a low voltage reading 1992 Saturn sl2 after putting in a brand new battery?

It's almost certain a problem with the alternator

What is wrong with my 1986 300zx if when I take the jumper cables off the car dies and my battery is brand new?

Your alternator has failed, and the battery has drained from running the vehicle without being able to recharge it. Replace the alternator and the battery should be fine.

Why would the battery be continuely draining even if it brand new on a 1993 Nissan 240 sx?

your alternator is either week in volts. Use a volt tester. or alternator is now working. replace it. I had same porblem with three batterys to test the alternator turn car on let run on idle and disconnect the positive car should still be running if it shuts off first check all wires on alternator if still connected then alternator is bad TIME TO REPLACE IT.

How do you maintain the electrical charge in a brand new vehicle?

if it is a gas or diesel vehicle just drive it on a regular basis and the alternator in your car will keep it charged.

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