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I think it's your EGR Valve. The EGR valve, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve, is a vacuum controlled valve which allows a specific amount of your exhaust back into the intake manifold.The EGR valve, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve, is a vacuum controlled valve which allows a specific amount of your exhaust back into the intake manifold. You'll know if your EGR valve is stuck or malfunctioning because your car will experience symptoms like rough idle and bucking on acceleration.

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Q: 1986 Chevy Astro Van V6 43 hesitating on take off but then runs fine after that?
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1986 Chevy astro chugs starts fine idles fine when i press on the pedal it chugs and i get a smell of gas a does not accelarate let off the peddle and it begins to accelarate.?

maybe fuel filter or coil throttle/pedal pressure sensor according to my obd2 test kit for my '99. Try hooking up an obd1 and see what the diagnosis is.

1998 Chevy Astro ran fine yesterday. turns over but wont even try to fire today?

The problem is most likely your fuel pump, which is located inside the gas tank.

Will a 1987 350 Chevy engine fit in a 1986 Chevy truck?

yes well it depends did the 86 have a v8 before? if so it will go right in? if not you will have to buy new moter mounts i belive but yes it will fit just fine

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What would cause the headlights radio electric windows and electric door locks not to work but the 1991 Chevy astro van to to run fine?

Hi I've almost the same problem except that my power windows are working fine If you have solve your problem can you write me at Thanks Alex

Chevy Cheyenne 90 v8 TBI had been hesitating for a few days now it will not fire it is turning over fine does fire with starting fluid I will change the fuelfilter or is this typically electrical?

if its not firing theres no sense in changing the fuel filter its probably your rotary button in your distributor or it has jumped time

Weight of a 22 foot 1993 prowler?

Around 5,000 lbs with minimal amount of gear. We pulled ours with Chevy Astro rated to tow 5,000. Not a good mountain rig, but we made it to Tx, NM & back to MI just fine.

Why would a 1992 Chevy Astro shut down when running?

That happened to me once on a 1999 Astro Van... I had the battery replaced and the terminals were left loose. One day I started the engine just fine and when drove for about 10 feet the van just died. No electrical functions at all. Checked the cables sure enough they were loose. Never happened again.

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Chevy astro drivers side window not working?

OK, This is my first time posting a question and I thought it was like an email deal..... My 1999 Chevy astro drivers side door window works intermittently. Sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it only works a little at a time. It usually doesn't have a problem going down, but when I go to roll it up, it stalls, and I have to wait (for a minute or so) to hit the button to advance it some more before it quits again. Anyone have an idea on what is causing this? I am having the same problem with my 2000 Astro. The window rolls down fine but occasionally it will not roll up. It seems if I turn off the engine and then restart, then I can get the window to roll up. (Or this is just a coincidence.)

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