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I have a '93 Beretta and I had the same problem. I had a new CC transmittion switch (I think this is the name of it! not a car person!) put in. I had it done at a Chevy dealership. It cost around $500. It solved the problem. Check the fuel filter.

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Q: 1988 beretta stalls at high speeds after driving for 20 min after pulling over and waiting a couple of min it will restart drive for about 5 min and again doing 65 mph on the highway this is not fun?
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Why would a Chevy Corsia cut out while driving on Highway then restart after a few minutes?

The most common issue is a fuel filter. It could be a few other things, but the fuel filter is where I would start.

What makes a 2000 Tahoe shut off at highway speeds and not restart?

running out of gas??

What would be the cause of a 1993 ford probe with a 2.0 engine to stall out while driving down the highway?

had same problem with my probe stalling whilst driving after stopping short spell and would then restart. answer was located in immobilizer circuit which cut in at wrong times only cure was to have immobilizer disconnected.

My 2004 BMW 530i w smg transmission will not let me restart the transmission warning message came on while i was driving at low speedi turned car off now cannot restart since it won't go to neutral?

Good luck w this issue. We have the same problem. The BMW techs are not savvy on the smg. I am pulling the trany to replace the bad sensor my self.

What causes a car to die while driving and not restart?

I had this happen to me once. It was a bad alternator.

Why does your 1987 wrangler stall while driving and won't restart for a moment?

check your coil

Jeep 1997 Grand Cherokee Ltd-loses power whilst highway driving. No power when pressing peddle-release peddle it returns to idle mode.Sometimes stops altogether.Can restart and drive car no problems?

problem a vacuum leak

Why does your Mercedes sclass430 not restart if you have been driving it for about half an hour leave for five minutes?

about 500 hours

What is wrong when 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe shuts off while driving and will not restart?

IDK yup

Will a bad ingition control module cause a car to die while driving?

It would die and not restart. Yes it may restart! I have had modules quit when they get hot and work again when they cooled down.

Why would 87 beretta quit running for no reason then not restart for a while?

Quit running after its fully up to temp? Restarts after it cools down? Check the spark when it does it, could be the ignition control module.

1994 Mercury Topaz stalls out while driving and will only restart after waiting awhile?

check your crank sensor

Why did my Car stall when driving and restart again?

Bad fuel filter or maybe some water in the gas tank.

After driving my truck and then shutting it off i go to restart it after 15 min it wont crank or turn over?

that sounds like your starter motor isn't working, which would explain why there is no noise when you try to restart it

You were driving and suddenly your 96 Tahoe died It would not restart Lights radio still working When you tried to restart it cranks but would not turn over what could be the problem?

No you were driving and it quit.and if it cranks it is turning over. check for spark at the spark plugs and also for fuel pressure at the injector rail.

What would cause a 95 Nissan 240 sx to stall while driving but restart with no problem?

Your a bad driver get a license

What would cause a 2003 silvarado diesel to die while driving and not restart?

the ground to the battery i had the same problem on my truck

1990 Saturn SL 1 shut off will driving and will not restart?

More detail is needed. Does it crank? Battery new?

What would cause a 97 dodge stratus to shut down while driving and not restart will crank but not start?

fuel pump?

Why would 1990 Toyota Celica just die while driving it and not restart?

timing belt just replaced one today

Your 2002 expedition dyed while you were driving it and it wouldn't restart you dont think it was getting a spark what could cause this?

could be coil

Why would my 2003 KIA RIO stop running while driving down freeway and not restart?

Possibly, you have a broken timing belt.

Your ford van cuts out everything works just dies while driving?

If you able to restart after a few minutes, then your CMP is defective.

Your generator light comes on in your 73 beetle while driving and when you shut the car off it wont restart?

If it won't crank, which is probably what you really have going on, it means your battery went bad while you were driving.

1993 2.2L 4 Beretta manual trans stalls after driving for a while Sometimes will restart and sometimes has to cool down before restarting Have changed the plugs and fuel injectors Any suggestions?

I would say it has to be the i.c.m. ignition control modual, they are about $45.00-$80.00 at any parts store.... if you need more information ask here...