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either your injrctor pump is broken or your computer has quit

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โˆ™ 2006-11-28 14:18:22
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Q: 1989 ford ranger EFI no start It has good fuel pressure and it will crank there is a good spark but the injectors are not firing what could be the problem was running fine then stoped at a big jolt?
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1986 corvette dies after firing new mass air computer injectors distribitor?

Might want to check the Idle Air Control valve. Also check the fuel pressure.

Will excessive carbon keep motor from firing?

Firing as in starting and running, no.

Throttle body injectors not firing on 1990 impala?

Need to replace ingnetion module in the distributor.

Engine viberation Renault laguna?

Fuel injectors possibly dirty causing poor firing?

My 1999 Dodge Intrepid e.s. 3.2. starts and runs fine but it cranks for a bit before firing up otherwise it runs fine. got new plugs and starter what could it be?

fuel pressure bleed down, possible fuel pressure regulator or injectors

How do you remove diesel injectors in BMW 320d?

my bmw 320 cd se 2004 sounds like it is miss firing. I was told that 1 of my injectors is not working. would this be correct?

What is the firring order of the fuel injectors on a 2000 Chevy 2500 5.7?

18436572 same as the firing order

What controls the firing of the injectors on a 1999 Chrysler sebring?

The PCM, engine computer, controls the fuel system.

On a 1999 kia sportage 2.0 you have power to all wires going to the injectors at all times and when cranking injectors are not firing?

I believe the computer controls the grounds,not the positive.Therefore the injectors are"live"when the key is on,but don't fire till the computer grounds them.

What is the firing order for Mitsubishi fuso 10dc11?

What is firing order and running mate of mitsubishi 10DC11?

Why wouldn't a 1999 Chevy Blazer start?

Several problems can cause a 1999 Blazer not to start. There could be a fuel problem or a firing problem. Check for fuel pressure and ignition spark first.

Is slight ticking idle normal for Honda civic?

That slight ticking sound is probably the injectors firing which is normal.

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