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I believe the computer controls the grounds,not the positive.Therefore the injectors are"live"when the key is on,but don't fire till the computer grounds them.

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โˆ™ 2007-12-20 01:49:42
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Q: On a 1999 kia sportage 2.0 you have power to all wires going to the injectors at all times and when cranking injectors are not firing?
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How can you check if there is power going to the fuel injectors on my gmc sirrea with a 305?

use a noid light set to determine if pulse is going to the fuel injectors.

What are the release dates for Going to the Firing Line - 1899?

Going to the Firing Line - 1899 was released on: USA: December 1899

How do you know when a crankshaft position sensor is going bad on a Kia Sportage?

ohm test it.

Temp gauge not going up like it use to on 2000 kia sportage?

Change your thermostat.

Why does the engine not ignite when the fuel is going to the injectors?

It may be due to faulty glow plugs.

Mileage to change injectors on windstar 1999?

Fuel injectors are not a 'wear item', meaning you don't replace them on a schedule - replace them when - IF - they fail.Surprisingly, injectors are not a common failure on today's engines. A lot like the Engergizer bunny, they just keep going.

Where is the thermostat sensor in a 2001 Kia Sportage?

mounted right next to the thermostat , has one wire going to it.

Will car vibrate when injectors are going?

The engine will run rough with a faulty fuel injector. More than one or two bad fuel injectors at one time would be unusual.

Why does the car rev high when going up a hill?

My car did this. I took it to get the heads de-carbonized and the fuel injectors cleaned out and it stopped doing this. Most likely it was the fuel injectors causing the problem.

1990 Grand Plymouth Voyager cuts out and dies for no reason then starts after a couple of times cranking it?

If your 1990 Grand Plymouth Voyager cuts out and dies for not reason, but starts after a couple times of cranking, the starter might be going out. You can have the starter tested.

Gas is to rich in 06 F150 what to do?

Check the fuel injectors . one or more are bad or going bad.

My 2001 Oldsmobile aurora cranks but won't turn on What is Going ON?

Is there spark at the plus? is there fuel pressure to the injectors?

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