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have the fuel pess. checked

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What turns the Distributor on a 1992 Dodge Dakota 3.9 V6?

The oil pump drive gear, which is driven by the camshaft, drives the distributor.The oil pump drive gear, which is driven by the camshaft, drives the distributor.

Where is the oil pump located on a 1995 Dodge Dakota V6 magnum?

The oil pump is located in the oil pan towards the rear of the engine. It bolts to the block directly under the distributor and is driven by the distributor which is driven by the cam.

How can you improve on miles per gallon in the 1998 dodge Dakota v8?

Get out and push 0.5 miles every mile driven and improve MPG 100%

You have a 1993 Toyota Camry SE and sometimes it stops after you start it up And sometimes it even quits while being driven What could be wrong with your car?

so what is it

How do cars get to dealerships?

They're transported by truck, rail, a combination of both, or sometimes they are driven.

What car does Pope Benedict XVI drive?

The pope does not drive but is driven in a chauffeured car, sometimes the 'Pope Mobile."

Why does my 1986 Camry sputter and backfires when first cranked It does this at cold startup and wants to shut off when giving it gas. Once it is warmed up and driven it seems to run ok.?

Your car is running to rich meaning it's getting to much gas.

Quality driven or deadline driven?

Quality Driven

Can car be driven if it is leaking antifreeze?

It depends on how bad the leak is .If its a really bad leak to the point where the car is starting to overheat then no

Wears the water pump on Chevy Cavalier 97?

It's one of your belt driven accessories-that's a starting point.

How would you describe Esperanza's character in Esperanza Rising?

esperanza is a determined and driven mexican girl who can sometimes hav a "big head".

How do you form the verb in the present perfect tense?

The present perfect is created with have/has + a past participle. Take the verb drive, for example. The past participle is driven.I have drivenWe have drivenYou have drivenHe/she has drivenThey have driven

Is the c240 mercadies 1998 chain driven or belt driven?

It is belt driven

How do you spell non-driven?

The hyphenated version "non-driven" is correct.

What is an alternator driven by?

what is an alternator driven by

Is a 1997 maxima chain driven?

No it is driven by a drive shaft. The cam is driven by a chain.

What is the difference between a model-driven and data-driven DSS?

What is the difference between a model-driven and data-driven DSS?

Do you walk to school or bring your lunch?

Walk I take the bus or get driven, and I always take my lunch to avoid cafeteria lines and mystery meat! Both And, yet another answer I am driven to school by a bus, and I eat the school lunch (not always the best we all know). I walk to school sometimes, sometimes I ride my bike, sometimes my dad will drive me, and my school has good food so I eat cafeteria food. Loads of answers, this is a comment:What a dull subject

What is power-driven vessels?

A power driven vessel is often understood to be a mechanically driven boat. Human power as in rowing or wind driven power is not usually considered power driven.

What is the automatic transmission oil capacity for 97 dodge Dakota?

The 1997 Dodge Dakota is a heavy duty little truck, but requires a bit of tender loving care if it's been driven all this time. Thus, it will take about four and a half quarts of high milage oil to fill the crankcase to its proper level.

What religion does Connie Talbot have?

This has not been publicized. Connie's early popularity at least in the US was driven by the Christian community. She sometimes wears a cross necklace.

What is the definition of a Cynic?

A cynic is someone who believes that people are driven primarily by their own selfish interests. They are often distrustful of the motives of others, sometimes openly.

Is a 1994 Honda fourtrax 4x4 300 chain driven or shaft driven?

shaft driven

what is the difference between model driven and data driven DSS?

Model data driven user interacts primarily with a mathematical model and its results while data driven DSS is user interacts primarily with the data

How you jump start the ac compressor on the 97 C280?

I've never heard of jump starting an a/c compressor. It's driven by a belt and not electricity.