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My 1988 Cherokee was doing the same thing until I replaced the Idle Air Control valve. It is located on the throttle body.

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Which throttle setting to start push lawn mower?


How are setting and characters related to the plot?

The plot is what happens; the characters are who it happens to; the setting is where and when it happens.

How to change a throttle sensor?

unhook your battery. remove sensor. no setting is needed.

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Spark plug gap setting for 97 jeep grand Cherokee V8?

with a spark plug #5224 the gap setting is .040

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Torque setting for cylinder head 96 grand Cherokee 5.2?

95 in. lbs.

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Spark plug gap setting for a 97 jeep grand Cherokee V8?

.035 inch

What causes a lawn mower engine to rev up and down with out moving the throttle setting?

The governor spring adjustments

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Which is the correct voltage division setting for testing a throttle position sensor?

Volt meter should be in a 5 volt scale.

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An alternate setting is one that is used when the initial setting is not in use or not available. The preferredis the initial but sometimes an alternate is used in its place.

What do you call when and where the story happens?

That is called the setting of the story.