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Here is the deal, your carburetor is beginning to show signs of age such as being gummed up and rubber seals in the jets getting hard, and dirt etc. My 1985 Caprice did exactly the same thing and I when I balanced the expenses of each option ( rebuilding or replacing) I used the cheap one. Go to Auto Zone or Advance or Pep Boys or any other auto parts place and buy two containers of fuel system cleaner. There are only two brand that I have found that are effective and they are Vavoline Complete Fuel System Cleaner OR Slick 50 Fuel System Cleaner. Here is how you tell if you are getting what I am talking about; IF it doesn't cost around $10 a bottle, it is the wrong stuff! I know there are some for around $6-$7 and other around a couple of bucks but they don't work. Shell out the $20 on a good-odds gamble and dump two of them in your tank. Of course do this when you are at the gas station just before you fill it up.

If it is your fuel system which I highly suspect, you should notice a difference in less than a day and in some case within a few hours. I really hope it works because if it does, I might have saved you hundreds, if I am wrong, I cost you $20. Sorry I can't offer reimbursements but at least you will get some decent sleep knowing that your fuel system is whistle clean.

After the first treatment, I put one can of that in my Caprice every time I changed the oil and it kept it going until some idiot ran a stop sign and sent it south.


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Q: 1991 Chevy caprice when cold and first starting it stalls once then twice on the third time its fine?
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How much does a Chevy Capri weigh?

First, Chevy made the Caprice and Ford made the Capri. I have a 1985 Chevy Caprice Classic and it weights roughly 4500 lbs.

The first year the Chevy Caprice was made?


Is a Chevy Caprice Classic a good first car?

Yes a caprice is cause cheap to work and it American made

Which D is the overdrive on a 93 Chevy Caprice?

The first "D" after Neutral

Did Chevy make a 1965 caprice?

1965 was the first year for the Caprice. You can see it at: In reply to: I believe that 1967 was the first year of Caprice

Chevy Cavalier stalls when you put it into gear?

Check your fuel pressure first then go from there.

How can you get a trunk open of a 87 Chevy Caprice?

Try using the trunk key first...

Where is the relay switch located on a 1996 Chevy Caprice?

In the vehicle, or under the hood, or in the trunk. Check there first.

1994 Chevy lumina apv sometime stalls when put in gear help?

First what motor is in the van? Than tell me what it does before it stalls or you put it in gear. There many different possiables that it could be.

Why is my Chevy S10 1994 manual transmission not going into gear and stalls when shifting from nutural to first?

your clutch is probably shot

How much horsepower does a 1987 Chevy caprice 262 4.3L V6 have?

140 hp, and it is the first year for a roller tappets

What is the lug pattern on a1991Chevy caprice?

Technically the lug pattern reads out at 5x4.27 if you look it up online, but its actually 5x5. I have a 1991 Chevy Caprice Classic, and this caused me some problems when I first buoght it.

Where is the ignition module on a Chevy Caprice ls?

Its right above the ignition coil. Infact you have to remove it first to remove the ignition coil.

When was the first Chevrolet Caprice car produced?

The first Chevrolet Caprice was produced in 1966. The Caprice was officially the Chevrolet brand's top-line series. The first Caprice series would go in production until 1970.

1989 Chevy Caprice are they on fuel injectors?

70% are fuel injection. 1989 is the last year carbeautors where made and da first year fuel injection was created... my Chevy capric classic 89 is a fuel injection

How do you know when the fuel pump for a 1991 Chevy Caprice has gone bad?

I had this happen. When the fuel pump goes back the first indication is a stutter in the engine. The stutter will increase until the CHECK ENGINE light illuminates. Then the performance will deteriorate rapidily until the engine stalls. It will only crank after that but will not fire. It costs about $850 to have the dealer do this job. There is more than just the fuel pump involved. Scroll through the old questions on Caprice and I posted something else on this a while ago. vbd

How rare is a 1977 caprice?

pretty rare because it is the first year that caprice had a box

My 1989 Chevy caprice classis wont move when i put it in gear why is it doing this?

check gearbox oil level first could be low on fluid dextron 2

If the blinkers do not work at all in a 1987 Chevy Caprice what could be the problem?

first check fuses then flasher unit if still no joy get out your multitester or take to the shop d.cop

How to fix Dash light for 1991 Chevy Caprice classic?

If there is no light at all in whole dash. first check the fuse second check the headlight control switch.

Why does your 1993 Ford escort LX stalls when starting and pressing the gas?

Change the spark plugs and wires first. That is often all they need to run right.

What is wrong with your Chevy trailblazer when you start the truck put it in gear and the truck stalls?

first is the air on you may need to thoroughly clean the air mixture assembly where the breather tube connects the engine

What is better ford trucks or Chevy trucks?

Chevy trucks are way better. They have better suspension, and everything. Trust me-I am a repossession agent. I have tried towing cars with both. The first time i used the Ford, the back end came off while I was carrying a Chevy Caprice. That's why now, my entire fleet of trucks are all Chevy.

What year was the first Chevy El Camino made?

1959. It was based on the Chevy full size platform. Starting in 1964 the El Camino was based on the Chevelle platform.

How do you remove rear speakers in a 1995 Chevy Caprice?

First, you must move your backseat and remove it from the vehicle, then you use the correct tool to correctly remove the rear speakers. It is very time consuming.