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Most of the time is is the fuel control relay which is mounted under the hood, on the fender about a foot behind your battery. It is one of a couple box looking relays mounted in that area. Autozone has them for about 12 bucks.

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Q: 1991 bronco and the fuel gauge does not work why and what will fix it?
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1991 Nissan 240sx fuel gauge don't work what do I need to check?

Start with the fuses. Check the fuel sending unit at the fuel tank, this is the most common part to cause a non working fuel gauge.

Why doesn't my RPM gauge and temp gauge work?

why doesn't my rpm gauge and temp gauge, fuel gauge not work

Will the fuel pump cause the fuel gauge to not work?


What could cause a gas gauge not to work on a 1990 Ford Bronco?

Several things can cause the fuel gauge to stop working. 1.The sending unit in the fuel tank may be malfunctioning or broken. 2.There may be a broken, disconnected, or grounded wire going to the fuel pump/sending unit. 3. There may be a disconnected wire at the gauge cluster, or the gauge cluster itself may be malfunctioning.

Gas gauge does not work on 1991 Ford Explorer Should you change the fuel sending unit and pump?

I would start by checking the fuse for your gas gauge According to my Haynes repair manual 1991 through 1994 Explorers, the engine wiring schematic shows a 15 amp fuse in location # 17 for the fuel gauge.

Why does the fuel gauge not work on an 85 Ford Bronco V8 5.8 liter with a 351CID?

fuel sending unit may be corroded i kno i had my 1993 bronco with a 5.8L sittin in storage for bout 7 yrs before i was able to bring it out and my fuel sending unit went to junk obviously, but that's usually the main reason for the gauge not working, that is if its stuck on way past full tank or completely on E its the sending unit

Should the fuel gauge work with the engine off and key in run position?

Yes, key on, engine off, the fuel gauge should work.

Why doesnt my fuel gauge work ford bronco II?

probably the sending unit in the gas tank attached to the fuel pump module is not working. you will need to most likely order fuel pump w/ sending unit Answer: The float is made of brass and over time they leak and sink causing the fuel gauge to read empty. The '84-'85 Bll 2.8L did not have a fuel pump in the tank.

Why doesn't fuel gauge work on 2005 mustang?

why does the fuel gage on 2005 mustang don't work?

Why would the fuel gauge on a '86 E 150 not work on either fuel tank?


How do you fix the gas gauge on a 93 blazer?

Several things can cause the gas gauge to not work. Check the fuel gauge fuse, the wiring, the gauge, and the fuel sending unit to find the problem.

What could cause the fuel gauge in a full size Bronco not to work?

The fuel control relay is mounted on the right fender, a foot aft of the battery. It is one of two cube-looking relays mounted there. It is controlled by the Electronic Engine control. Replacement is about $20.

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