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Quote from the Autozone website... When the engine is under a heavy load, the air conditioning compressor is shut off by the computer. A bad TPS can shut off an air conditioning compressor. Also, on computer controlled cars, the key should be turned on before depressing the throttle or the computer can receive a faulty TPS reading and the car might not start.

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Q: 1991 dodge spirit when charging the ac one of the relays gets tripped and shuts the car off where can you find this relay or is it the compressor computer etc?
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Where are the relays for power to the air conditioning compressor located?

Hey Grady==You don't say what kind of car you have but most don't have relays on the compressor. Ihere is a cycling switch on the accumulator that when it is low will keep the compressor from engaging. GoodlukcJoe

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Is there a fuel pump shut off switch on a 1996 Plymouth voyager?

No, the system is computer controlled with relays.No, the system is computer controlled with relays.

Where is the air condition relay switch located in a 1991 Olds 98?

the relays are on the engine side firewall. The compressor relay signal comes from the main computer through the pressure cycling switch or switches.

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Earth leakage relays are instantaneous tripping relays where as earth fault relays have the option of time and ampere setting i.e. for a setted ampere the circuit breaker will be tripped off after the setted time (in second).

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Where is the ac compressor relay on a 1997 Mercury Marquis?

In the relay box next to all the other relays.

Is there a fuel shut off switch on a 1996 Chrysler sebring?

No, the fuel system is computer controlled with relays.No, the fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

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If the compressor doesn't start remove all the relays and circuitry installed on it and measure the resistance of the windings A video detailing the process can be found in related links.

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2. The 4 by 100 relay and the 4 by 400 relay.

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No power to ac compressor only power to everything else 2001 escort zx2?

Check under the air filter housing for the PCM (power control module) if you could open it you would see about 5 relays on a circuit board one of the relays is for ac compressor. In general change the PCM.

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