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Im having this same problem with my 94 cavalier...from what i read online it might be the TCC solenoid which is a computer controlled "lockup" torque converter. Basically from what i understand is when the solenoid becomes faulty, when the car slows down or comes to a stop the solenoid thinks the car is shutting down ie you stall out. Kind of like in a manual trans if your idling and let go of the clutch the car jumps and stalls.

There is a quick fix that you end up losing about 3-4 mpg but all you have to do is unplug a 4 pin blue connector from the side of the transmission and you wont have this problem. Or you could fix it and it'll cost you somewhere around 60-80 bucks and about 30 minutes of your time.

Now im not 100% but im about to go out in my garage and try disconnecting it and going for a drive. When this is happening to your car does you check engine light come on and that's when it stalls out when coming to a stop? Mines been doing that

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Q: 1992 4 cylinder 65000 miles cavalier after driving awhile stalls when coming to stop Restarts fine but when put in gear shakes and stalls Clears up after sitting a minute Any ideas?
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