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first off, has it been doing it ever since you got it...or did it just all of a sudden start happening... if it's a new problem, I'd have the oil pressure checked...also, is it charging ok(gauges)... also, the sending unit may be faulty at high oil pressures... got good oil? I recommend 20w-50 with LUCAS additive for just about any motor, especially a diesel....good luck:)


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Depends on WHICH Cummins engine.

No Cummins INC company makes the Cummins engine.

no, ford did not invent cummins engine, clesie cummins does invented it

he invented the company in 1919 but the cummins came before then

The Cummins engines are designed and manufactured by the Cummins engine company.

On the driver side of the engine behind the fuel filter on the side of the block

Cummins owns the engine. Dodge just offers the computer instead of cummins. Cummins is a private company it is not owned by Ford or Dodge.

Question: "Who invented the Dodge Cummins engine block?" Answer: This engine was originally developed for the Case Earthmover.

Cummin the Engine Company came from a man, Mr. Cummins, that created an engine then sold it. Thus, Cummins was created. The Cummins world head quarters is currently held in Columbus, IN, USA.

If your engine shakes when you accelerate, you may have a broken motor mount. You need to get it fixed before your engine falls out of your car as you drive along.

Cummins (OEM) 12 valve (single wire) oil pressure sensor is located below the injection pump and could be in front of or behind injection pump support bracket. The location was determined by the factory installing the engine. Cummins (OEM) 24 valve (three wire) oil pressure sensor is located below the ECM.

That depends on which engine you have. Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and Caterpillar engines were available for that model year.

The Cummins engine in a Dodge truck does not have glow plugs.The Cummins engine in a Dodge truck does not have glow plugs.

By far the best resource or reference for a prospective car engine shopper looking for a Cummins engine is the Cummins site on the web. Other options include Diesel Rebuild Kits.

It is a diesel Engine manufacturer.

The 5.9L Cummins engine holds twelve quarts of engine oil.

No, Dodge just has a contract to use the Cummins engine.

Chrysler has a contract with the Cummins engine company to use the "b" series engine in the Ram truck.

Black smoke is an indication of to much fuel or too rich a mixture,when flooring the excelerator you have a waste of unburned fuel,it is better to excelerate slower to give the engine a better chance to utilize the gas. you are burning off the carbon deposits inside the engone...flooring it is not a good idea nor is it good for the engine. The better way to clean the engine is to take it out for a 30 min drive at hi-way speeds.

Cummins is made by Cummins. They are one of largest diesel engine manufactures in the world.

The power rating for the 2003 model year Cummins diesel engine is 305 hp and 555 pound feet of torque. This was the 5.9L Inline-6 turbo diesel engine from Cummins.

The stop engine light might not come on on your N14 Cummins when the switch is off.

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