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Most commonly, it's the starter or the starter was wired wrong when it was installed. More rarely, it can also be the keyswitch or even a bad gear on the flex-plate.

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Q: 1993 E350 and you have replaced the starter solenoid the starter and the battery and the starter will not disengage after starting What could cause this?
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Where is the solenoid located under the hood of a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron as it will not start we have replaced the battery and starter and could it need a new solenoid and where is that located?

may be on top of the starter and replaced with same. Follow the + battery cable it will connect to the solenoid

Why would a 94 lesabre have no power to the starter solenoid?

The wire from the battery to solenoid is corroded & should be replaced.

You get a click when you try to start your 1985 Chrysler The battery is good and it will start right up when you get under the car and jump the solonoid connections with a screwdriver Is the solenoid?

solenoid is bad ,have it replaced,but check for remote solenoid first some vehicles have another solenoid mounted closer to battery

Battery keeps dying on 1990 ford bronco replaced battery and alternator what could it be?

battery hooked up backward, wires crossed somewhere or it could be the solenoid.

1997 dodge ram 2500 that will not start unless i pull up on the fuel shutdown solenoid and then it starts i have replaced the solenoid and the solenoid relay and it still will not pull up any ideas?

Check for high resistance in the wiring to the solenoid, and in the battery cables. A weak battery can also cause this. If one battery is good, and the other is a little weak, the truck can turn over at normal speed, while the fuel solenoid doesn't move.

When replacing a starter solenoid in a 1989 mercury topaz what keeps your car from starting?

Not quite sure what you are asking, but if you are changing the solenoid, then disconnect the battery first.

Have a 1992 Dodge Ram 50 When you turn the key the lights on the dash come on but the starter does nothing you have had the Battery tested the starter tested you have replaced the ECM and Starter?

You should locate and test the solenoid. Most have three connections. There is a large cable from the battery to the solenoid, from the solenoid to the starter and from the start switch to the solenoid. The power terminals to the battery and the starter are large and have large cables. The starter switch connection is much smaller. Turning the key to 'start' provides a low current voltage to the solenoid causing the solenoid relay to close and power from the battery cable to connect through to the starter. If that voltage is present then the solenoid or the wiring between the solenoid and battery or solenoid and starter is suspect. If that voltage is missing then the starter switch or solenoid feed line may have failed.

1970 Chevrolet truck wont start replaced the starter?

Dead battery? Loose or dirty battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Bad starter? Neutral switch?

Your F150 will not start and will not take a jump the alternator solenoid and battery were replaced is it most likely the starter?

Starter Ignition Neutral switch

Where is the solenoid located on the motor of a yard machine lawn mower?

Assuming you are referring to the starter solenoid, the easiest way to find it is by folowing the positive battery cable from the battery. The cable goes from the battery to the solenoid and then continues from the solenoid to the starter.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1989 F250?

starter solenoid is on the inside of the fender twards the cab from the battery follow the positive battery cable at the end will be the solenoid

1993 ford tempo changed the solenoid it started now it does nothing replaced the battery but it acts as tho there is no battery in it any suggestions?

make sure the small wire is hook to the post

I have replaced the alternator starter and the solenoid on my 1991 Ford Ranger and when you disconnect the battery cable it kills the engine. What else can be wrong?

Never disconnect a battery while an engine is running!

Cub cadet riding mower wont start only does clicking noise coming from under seat?

Look for a loose or corroded battery cable. If the cables are ok at the battery, check the connection at the starter and at the starter solenoid. Otherwise, the solenoid may need to be replaced.

What is the solenoid that is right beside the battery and attached to the positive on the battery for?

Starter solenoid, typical position for Fomoco cars.

Replaced battery in Dodge Durango key now what?

If it isn't starting you have another problem.

How do you trouble shoot John deere Lt 155 solenoid?

I have a JD LT 155 C. I have replaced the solenoid and the mower still want start. There is 12 volts between the battery and the solenoid. When I test the voltage between the solenoid and the starter, the reading is 5 to 6 volts. Why is there a drop in the voltage to the starter?

97 Ford F150 you hear clicking when you try to start it Battery checked good starter solenoid replaced ground wire replaced rebuilt starter and checked good What else can be wrong?

battery need to be at lease 14 volts to be able to start

1997 explorer awd replaced starter motor and starter solenoid but you still get one click from the starter then nothing?

Double check the battery cables at the battery and at the engine, be sure they are clean and tight.

1993 ford tempo starter won't disengage new starter new starter solenoid new battery any ideas?

Try the ignition switch.or the ignition module located usually near distributer

What could cause starting problems in a Dodge Caravan?

The most common cause of automobile starting problems; is the battery needs to be charged. When the battery will not take a charge. It needs to be replaced.

Why would a starter on an 89 ranger work fine one day and then try to start as soon as the battery is connected the next?

Battery may have been weak the previous day and when trying to start created excessive heat through the starter solenoid causing it to "weld" in the closed postion. When charged battery was installed solenoid was already in closed position. May release itself or solenoid may have to be replaced

Why does the solenoid just click in Honda 300?

Either the battery cables are dirty, battery is not fully charged, or the solenoid is stuck.

My alternator is not getting power from the battery The wiring from the battery to the solenoid and from the solenoid to the alternator is good is this a bad solenoid the car will start and run?

Check for a bad fusable link at alternator

How do you find solenoid on yard pro riding mower?

I assume you are talking about the starter solenoid: Follow the positive battery cable from the battery - the other end will be connected to the starter solenoid.