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Check the gear around the "flex plate". That's the gear that the starter engages when you try to start the engine. You'll need to either pull the starter or the dust cover if that vehicle has one, so that you can inspect the gear. After you have access to the gear, slowly turn the engine so that you can inspect every tooth on the gear. If one or more are missing or severely worn, the starter gear will pull back and you'll get exactly what you're describing.

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Q: 1993 Safari Van engine starts to turn over stops in about half a rev backs up to original position but starter continues to spin as key held in start position No change after new starter whats cause?
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Were is the starter for your 95 gm safari truck?

On my 95 Safari van, the starter is on the bottom rear end of the motor, on the passenger side. Can easily see it without jacking it up.

What does the starter of a gmc safari look like?

Bottom, passenger side of motor.

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Yes, actually it is the original tire for basic 2000 Safari.

How to replace window motor in gmc safari?

when replacing motor what position does the window need to be in?

Where is the cam position sensor on gmc safari?

The cam position sensor is attached to the distributor, under the distributor cap. It is held in place with two screws.

Where is the throttle position sensor on a gmc safari 2000 van?

The 2000 GMC throttle position sensor can be found on top of the engine. The throttle position sensor will be near the injector fuel pump.

Working 1996 gmc safari v-6 original problem is engine stumble on gear change gmc tech suggested replace poppet injectors or fuel pump. Any other suggestions?

you might want to try a throttle position sensor. that sounds like what my 98 safari 4.3 v6 was doing. it costs about $37.00 at autozone.

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How do you fix a high idle and hard shift problem on a 94 GMC safari?

tps throttle position sensor

What causes a 1994 GMC Safari 4.3 with a new starter to be hard to start when cold even though it starts fine when warm?

Did you put the shims back in when you replaced the starter. Maybe too tight to the flywheel. Just a guess.

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Where is crankshaft position sensor located on 2000 gmc safari awd 4.3 engine?

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How do you replace a starter on a1998 Safari?

Disconnect the battery, negative first and then positive. Then disconnect the wires on the starter. Supporting the weight of the starter, undo the bolts that hold it and withdraw it from the housing. Put in the new starter and fit the bolts loosely. Tighten the bolts carefully, ensuring the starter is fitted properly into the housing. Reconnect the wires making sure they do not lie against any metalwork or get trapped where they might rub through. Finally reconnect the battery; positive first and then negative.

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How do you remove or replace seat armrest safari van?

Put the armrest in the upright position. Push in hard on the armrest and move past the 12 O'clock position to about a 10 O'clock position. There is a sweet spot that will allow it to be pulled out. This works on 93 and 95 model years. .

How do you change the starter on a 2000 gmc safari?

Disconnect negative (black) battery cable. Jack up the Truck on stands. Remove front right tire. Access starter from wheel well. Remove cable from ignition and positive cable coming from battery. Crawl under the passengerside near the front wheel remove two bolts on the starter. pull starter out from wheel well. Installation is reverse. You can possibly do the above from underneath the vehicle, but not sure if starter will drop down.

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