1994 fwd aerostar will only shift from first to second if under no load acceleration or will shift by releasing gas pedal to allow shift is this an adjustment or a new transmission?

It MAY be related to the "downshift" linkage. Some vehicles use a linkage between the throttle body/carburater and the transmission. If the downshift linkage is adjusted wrong you could have the problem you are describing. On the other hand, if it's a computer controlled transmission, it could just be a sensor. But yes, it could also be a transmission problem.Have the transmission serviced. Complete fluid change and new filter. If that doesn't help, then take it to a professional.AnswerAnswer to my own question. I changed fluids, there were large broken pieces of metal in the pan. Took it to a shop, and there is no second gear, it was shifting from first to third. Victoria Transmission would rebuild one from old parts ($800) or a new rebuilt ($1300) and $500 to install or $100 from PicknPull and take a chance.