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The 1995 850 has a diagnostic unit in front of the ECU case at the right front of the car. There is a single wire there that can be plugged into the number of the unit your are trying to check. There is also a LED that will light when you access the codes. Say you are resetting the service lamp. You put the wire in the number for hole and press the button on the diagnostic unit 4 times at 1 second intervals and the LED will light each of the 4 times. When the light comes on after the 4th press you press the button 1 time again. When the light comes on you press the button 5 times. When the light comes back on you press the button one more time. Then the light should start flashing rapidly by itself indicating the proper sequence has been entered. Basically the code breaks down into 4151. There are a number of sites on the internet about the use of the OBD1 unit. I have worked for a Volvo dealer for more than 30 years so thigns like this come easy to me. HI, IN 1995 MOST CARS WERE NOT OBD11. SOME CARS HAD OBD1 SYSTEMS. OTHERS WERE STILL AT THE MERCY OF THEIR MANUFACTURER AND HAD SPECIALIZED DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPTMENT FOR ONLY THERE CARS. TRY CALLING YOUR LOCAL SMOG STATION AND ASK THEM WHAT YOU HAVE. ALL CARS SOLD IN THE US AS OF THE 9TH MONTH OF 1995 AS NEW CARS WERE REGISTERED AS 1996 VEHICLES AND WERE REQUIRED TO BE OBD11 COMPLIANT. GOOD LUCK, forbybenz


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under the coin holder, under the ash tray ciao - Max

I have a 1995 Volvo 850 and they currently have a size of 195/60 - R15 88V. They are Pirelli tyres on Volvo standard 5 spigot T5 alloys

Any 10W-30 oil meeting the API-SM specification is recommended for the 1995 Volvo 850.

The obd2 connection is located right above the gear shifter. There is a cover that looks like a coin holder that pulls up and the connector is under it.

The 1994 Volvo 850 does not have an OBD2 connector. In fact, this car is instead in the OBD1 group. In order to read fault code ( Fuel injection, Ignition, Automatic transmission...) there is a Diagnostic Test Unit located in the front right hand side of the engine compartment . It consists of two modules side by side, with a plastic cover on each one . After lifting the covers off, you can see the modules marked A and B, where each one has six numbered sockets.

There's no Volvo 850 2000. What you likely saw was a S70.

i have no idea man.. sorry ask a mechanic? Here you can find some answers!

Yes, at least according to the manual for my 1995 850 T5, but same auto trans across the 850 range.

21 inches - both driver and passenger sides.

Remove the fuellines on both ends by pulling the black connector away from the filter. Undo the bolt holding the filter in. Remove the filter and but in a new one. Connect the fuel lines.

The Volvo 850 has two horns in front of the radiator, lift the hood and their they are.

There's no 2.0L. Volvo 850 engine. Only 2.3L. & 2.4L. ...

This is actually a trick question. There is NO High Pressure Port on the Volvo 850 Turbo. Service is done by connecting to the Low Pressure Side and using this access to both Evacuate and Service. Chrysler for a few years did not use a High Pressure Port and required connecting a Scan Tool to the OBDII Connector and taking readings this way but Volvo does not even offer this option. Todd

The recommended oil grade is 10W/30.

The diesel turbo can only fit on a Volvo 850 with a little fabrication.

Under the passenger side under carriage near the rear tire.

when engine running , i took out msf sensor accidentally. Then lambda on ,

You can find an air conditioner for a 1994 Volvo 850 on Ebay. The Volvo 850 was designed by Jan Wilsgaard. There have been 1,360,522 units made between the years 1991 and 1997.

Actually ALL Volvo cars were 134a starting in 1993 After 1995 all car start to use R-134

The following is for a Volvo 850 1995: M/T (M56L) Volvo Synthetic Gearbox Oil (97308) ...... 2.2 Qts. (2.1 L.) A/T (AW 50) (1) ..................................... 8.0 Qts. (7.6 L.) (1) - Use ATF Dexron IIE or Mercon fluid. Try this website for a pdf. Hope it helps, Troy

The transmission fluid on a Volvo 850 is added to the filler tube. This is accessed by removing the dipstick and inserting a funnel.

The seats from a Volvo 850 will not be able to properly fit into a Volve s40. This is because the vehicles have different body types and do not mesh with one another.

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