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1995 Ford Contour V6 Battery won't stay charged supposedly good and then when trying to start the engine--click-click and the windshied - wipers rotate even with the switch off Any help on it?



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It sounds like you have short somewhere in the wiring to your wipers. I would unplug the wiper motor and then start the car and get the battery charged up. Then try to restart the car and if the battery is holding power then you need to track down the short in yoru wipers. Your wipers even though being off maybe is drawing current from your battery making the battery weak. You may want to look at the wiper switch as a possible problem and then the wiper motor to see if you can find the short. Also you might want to check the fuse that is located between the alternator (red wire) and the starter. it is a long black fuse box(2"x1")