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Several possabilities. One is a bad PCV valve if it leads to that bank of cyl. Another is the intake gasket for that side of the engine. Worst case, but not likely as it is affecting all of the cyl, is a failed head gasket. One question, are the plugs fouling with fuel or oil? If over fueling, it could also be an injector or injector wireing issue. Could it also be bad oxygen sensors? If there are four oxygen sensors on this van, and the one for the right bank of cylinders is giving the wrong reading, that could cause this problem. Seems unlikely, though.

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95 Astro van iding rough and blows black smoke?

Attempting to burn raw fuel Not running on all cylinders Check spark plugs plug wires Do a compression test to see if problem is internal (bad valve, piston)

Will burnt spark plugs Make a car put out white smoke?

No, that's usually water getting into cylinders.

How do you start a rolled Polaris Indy 340?

remove the spark plugs and crank it without starting it and that should clear out the cylinders then clean the plugs with carb cleaner and install them .then start it . it may smoke for a few minutes.

Why does your 1986 4 wheel drive Toyota truck miss and blow black smoke especially at low speeds?

Not running on all cylinders Check plugs, wires Do compression check

What can cause an engine to put out white smoke through the tailpipe?

head gasket lead Black Smoke is too much Fuel getting into cylinders, BLue Smoke is Oil leaking into cylinders and being burned, White Smoke is Coolant (or water) leaking into cylinders and is being converted to steam that gets blown out the exhaust pipe. TommyTrouble

What spark plugs are right for Daewoo espero?

you can use ngk or Bosch it will perform very good, but please don't change the spark plugs when the engine is still hot because it will smoke

What can cause blue smoke?

Burning excessive oil in the cylinders is the culprit. Scored cylinders and broken rings will usually contribute to blue smoke. Once it turns black, the engine is toast!

Will a bad alternator cause new spark plugs to smoke?

Spark plugs don't smoke. A bad alternator would cause a dead battery.

How can you tell if a 2002 Nissan Maxima is leaking oil into the cylinders?

is there blue smoke coming out of your exhaust? if there is then there is probably oil leaking into the cylinders.

Should you change to park plugs if too much oil is causing your car to stall?

Well, one has little to do with the other. If you have too much oil in your motor, drain it, change the filter and put the appropriate amount of oil in it. If the spark plugs have oil on them, or if the car blows blue smoke out the tail pipe when you step on the gas, you probably have worn piston rings on the cylinders and changing the plugs won't help, at least for long. Have a mechanic do a compression check on your cylinders. He will be able to tell you then how your piston rings are holding up. If they are bad, have them changed (not cheap at all) and then change your plugs.

Car broke down white smoke and will not crank now?

White smoke is water getting into the cylinders. Blown head gasket, cracked block or other serious issue caused this. If it cranks and will not catch, they plugs may be fouled from the water. If it will not crank at all, you have a frozen engine. This is often terminal for the car.

Why do I have thick white smoke coming out of exhaust as I drive?

Generally speaking, white smoke is a sign of a blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head or any defect allowing water to enter combustion chamber. Remove spark plugs and look for one that is noticeably cleaner than the rest. That's the problem cylinder or if 2 adjacent plugs are like that it is a crack in the head gasket between those 2 cylinders.

What are the causes of smoke belching vehicles?

Depends on the color of the smoke:light blue/white sweet smelling smoke, a coolant leak into crankcase.dark black smoke, an oil leak into the cylinders.etc.Check with your mechanic.

94 Suzuki sidekick 1.8l engine has a rough idel stalls when put in gear and blows out black smoke from exhaust that smells like gas?

Not all cylinders firing? Check spark plugs/ wires Do a compression test to determine which cylinder is not firing

Why is there white smoke coming from your tailpipe when you changed your oil?

Check the oil level, if you put to much oil in it can cause smoke. If that is the case then you have to drain some out untill you have the right level then let the truck idle untill it burns the oil out of the cylinders. Or you may have blown head gaskets

How do you fix white smoke billowing out of a car?

"white smoke" is steam, which means coolant is getting into cylinders. usually means cylinder head gasket or cylinder head is faulty

Can bad spark plugs cause smoking from under the hood of a car?

Not likely. Smoke from under the hood denotes a leak. Either your coolant or oil is leaking. White, thick smoke is oil. Could just be a gasket. Thinner hazy smoke is coolant. Check your hoses. Look for fluids/wet spots. Bad plugs can missfire, and make your exhaust smoke.

Why does your Chevy astro van shake at idle and moving and spew smoke?

Could have a head gasket problem. Need to know what color smoke is coming out of exhaust. If the smoke is white and has a sweet smell to it, you have a bad head gasket or a cracked head or both.

How do you know when a head gasket is cracked?

you will either see coolant around where the head sits on the block,or,white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. at that point coolant will be getting past the head gasket and leak into the cylinder or cylinders. also check your spark plugs and do a test to check for exhaust gases coming out of your radiator.

Why does your lawn mower smoke?

One reason that a lawn mower may begin to smoke is that the oil chamber is too full. Spark plugs that have burnt oil and are not cleaned can create smoke and other exhaust issues.

What is wrong when you see smoke from the engine then water where the spark plugs are?

Kinda vague huh? from the first impression it sounds like you blew a coolant hose and the smoke you saw was steam from the coolant hitting the manifold. But if you had to remove the spark plugs to see the water then you have blown a head gasket.

Why wont my car turn on after having white smoke come from the exhaust?

water on the cylinders from a blown head gasket or cracked head.

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