1996 Nissan maxima shuts off while driving?

Do you have the Engine light ON? If so, Get a OBDII reader from Wal-Mart or any store that you can return it if does not work for you. Plug it in under the driver side dash boot. There should be a port to plug it in. Fallow the OBDII instructions. You will get some code (i.e. P0301, P3402). Then check the code in the Book (The book comes with the OBDII Reader). ************* I had this same thing happen while driving. There were two problems. One, my fuel filter was clogged and needed to be replaced. Two, there is a mesh bag connected to the fuel pump (inside the fuel tank) that was extremely dirty and restricted fuel when the fuel was lower than 1/4 tank. Both are do it yourself jobs, if you have a good repair manual.