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If you have continuity from the DLC back to the PCM on all the pins that it should, and the PCM has power and ground everywhere it is supposed to, you probably need a PCM. Before I throw a PCM at it though, I would make extra sure that you have checked all of the stuff that I spoke of first. Remeber the PCM will have more than one power and more than one ground input.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-27 01:28:29
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Q: 1996 Taurus pcm will not communicate with scan tool you have checked fuses and pcm and power to dlc?
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97 Ford Taurus no power to anything when key is turned on its not the battery or cables have checked all fuses and there is power?

Bad fusable link?

Why is the power out to the radio and the dash light are out on your Taurus?

Check the fuses.

2000 ford explorer all power windows not working?

Have you checked the fuses?

Power door does not work Honda civic 1999?

When power doors fail on a 1999 Honda Civic there is a problem with a actuator or wiring. The door lock fuses should be checked. If the fuses are fine then the actuators themselves will need to be checked.

No power to heat and air controlon a 1994 Chrysler Concorde?

Just a thought have you checked the fuses?

Why would the power windows and door locks on your 2002 Bonneville as well as the auto shut off for the radio quit working you have checked all fuses and connections?

Have you checked the relays?

If you have power checked fuses and bulbs and still no taillights what could be the problem?

only thing left to check is the light switch

Why is there no power to a 1991 Buick Park Avenue airconditioner pump?

Not knowing what you've done so far, have you checked your fuses yet ?

2003 Taurus windows not working went down but wont go up?

i had same problem with my 2003 Taurus on my driver's door. I got a new power window switch for $40. you should check your fuses first.

1992 Toyota pickup 4x4 horn and fuses are good power to steering wheel but no power to horn?

have the clock spring checked turn steering while pushing horn

How do you fix your power windows and sunroof when all the fuses have been checked and are good?

The motors that make these operate may be worn out and need replacing.

1998 Taurus wagon power windows are inoperative. there is power to the motors at the motor connectorthe motors can be battery operated separate from the cars power.all fuses are this common?

Perhaps a bad ground?

What fuse controls the power windows dome light and remote trunk release on a 2000 Taurus?

Three different fuses control the power windows, dome light, and remote trunk release on a 2000 Taurus. The trunk release is at #26 in the fuse box panel in the dash. The dome light is at #37, and the power windows at #33.

If a 1989 Ford Taurus automatic is not shifting from 1st to 2nd and does not have much power what might be the problem?

It could very well be the catalatic convertor on the engine. Have it checked out.

Why Power outlets and entertainment system not working on a 2002 Ford Windstar?

The question should be why the power outlets don't work - the entertainment system (DVD just plugs into the power outlet/cig lighter. The fuses have checked.

Do computers have fuses?

Power supplies have fuses. The motherboards do not.

Why might the auxiliary power point on the dash of a 2000 Navigator not work if all the fuses have been checked and non are blown?

the fuse for this is located in the engine compartment

Where are the cruise control fuses in a 02 dodge ram 1500?

The cruise is ran by the same fuses that power the computerThe cruise is ran by the same fuses that power the computer

ALL Power windows and locks do not work. speedometer display OK but radio and fan lights turn off when headlights turned on. ALL FUSES Checked Out OK. What causes this in 98 Mercury Villager?

Did you check the fuses in the power distribution box under the hood?

If your head lights do not work but you have checked all of the fuses what else could it be?

headlight have a circuit breaker insted of fuses for safety purposes take a volt meter and see if u have power to the lights if not trace wires back until u do

What does a 60 amp fuse service in a 2004 Ford Taurus?

The 2 - 60 amp maxi fuses in the power distribution box in the engine compartment are for the passenger compartment fuse panel

2002 dodge Dakota blower motor don't work I checked fuses switch and benched checked blower motor all work am I missing something?

Check the blower motors ground and power in the truck and the blower motors resister......

Fuses in Toyota Corolla 2000- what are they for?

The fuses in a Toyota Corolla 2000 are for various components of the car. For instance, the fuses power the windshield wipers, the radio, the power windows, and the power seats.

Why does an 89 Olds Cutlass Ciera with a 2.5 L engine have no power to the fuel pump even after you changed the fuel pump checked the wire harness and checked the fuses and relays?

It is likely that you have a bad ground in the system... check all the ground wires

Your 95 ford windstar has no power what so ever no lights nothing I have checked connections and charged the battery What is wrong?

Check all the fuses, check fusible links, exc.