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I would check the fuel filter first (could be clogged), If ok then check out the fuel pump (may be producing enough pressure at idle but not during acceleration).

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โˆ™ 2006-09-13 17:01:12
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Q: 1996 geo prizm dies when accelerated idles ok mil on for random misfires plugs cap rotor wires distributor are new step on gas and it dies out tps ok map ok fuel pressure ok?
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Code P300 on a 99 GMC Sierra?

multiple/random misfires

2000 Accord P1399?

P1399 is a pending code for random or multiple cylinder misfires.

How do you repair the PO300 code on a 97 Chevy C1500?

P0300 is caused by a detection of random cylinder misfires. Start by checking/replacing the distributor cap, considering ignition tend to be the most likely and easily resolved problem causing this.

What causes the P0300 P0302 P0303 and P0304 on-board diagnostic codes for a 1997 Toyota Camry?

Engine misfires. P0300 corresponds to misfires that are random among all cylinders, whereas P0301-P0306 correspond to specific cylinders. I'm not an expert, but other posts I have read seem to suggest that because you are getting misfires across more than one cylinder, it's probably something like your ignition coil, distributor, etc. !

What is the possible causes of random multiple misfires on 2003 gmc serri 5.3 vortec with 80000 miles have put in new plugs no help?

check your plug wires, and test the fuel pressure

How do you fix a P0300 on a 1999 suburban?

You have to find out what is causing random misfires in the engine. See related question below.

What are P0422 P0300 codes on a 1999 beetle?

P0422 talks about catalyst efficiency. P0300 is random multiple misfires.

96 Jeep Grand Cher w check engine light on you have OBD reading random multiple misfires have changed plugs wires rotor distubutor cap coil ran injector cleaner light still on still runs rough?

No other code? Just "random multiple misfires"? That's odd. There should be some additional code along with the one you describe.

What do codes po300 po301 and po305 mean on a 96 Lexus ls400?

P0300 is for random engine misfire p0301 and p0305 are misfires on cylinders # 1 and #5

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