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check the main ground from your fuse lines

2010-06-27 20:53:36
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How do you know if a snail is dying?

its starts to foam up

How do you know if your betta fish is dying?

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When a crt tube tv picture starts to flicker along sides is it dying out also the picture is dark when first turned on and takes awhile to brighten so is this also a sign of a dying tv?

yes it is

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What would cause your GMC Jimmy to only start after you have tried to start and then let it set for a few minutes?

It could be the factory security system, is the light (security) flashing? *depends on what it is doing. dead start, clicking, battery connection bad or battery dying/dead; sputtering, almost starting without sparking, the fuel pressure is low and needs to build before it starts; bad injector system, fuel pump, clogged fuel filter.

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Why is my 96 explorer sputtering and dying at idle after I just changed the o2 sensors?

Are there any codes that are coming up? If so then you need to read them. Usually when the vehicle keeps dying it will cause a trouble code. All I can say is that the Idle Air Controller is supposed to regulate the throttle to keep the vehicle running at idle. It could also be a vacuum leak. Just hard to say. This will give you something to check. Good luck. Brad

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Your 91 dodge spirit is sputtering and choking and dying when you put it into from turn on point to when you go in first and third gear It is losing gas at an eight of a tank any time you drive it?

This is EXACTLY what's going on with my 93, I'm hoping somebody answers soon. It died today at a stoplight in heavy traffic!

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