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1997 sunfire 2.2 liter there was no thermostat found The factory replacement does not fit in the housing Is it possible this is an aftermarket part The car came with an aftermarket cold air intake?


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It is possible. I would suggest taking the car back to where you got the factory part ( a dealer I am assuming ) and get someone there to check to see if the part has serial or OEM numbers on it. If it does, then they should be able to find you a part that will fit. If it doesn't have numbers, then maybe its a good time to look at some new parts if it is within your budget. A thermostat is an essential part of your vehicle, and is a necessary part to have in place and in good working order. Without one, you will have overheating issues. Overheating accounts for over 40% of the cars I see in my shop one way or another. Hope this helps Chris