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if you have a posi traction differential you may need a friction modifier . it is an additive ( approx 4.0 oz.) sold at your Jeep dealer and auto supply stores that goes in your diff. If you changed the differential oil you need to add this. I also found sometimes this additive was missing from the start. it helps the posi clutches slip on tight turns.

Also note : that on extreme tight turns a slipping or jumping feeling with your four wheel drive enguaged is also a normal condition. Have some one with 4x4 experience test drive it .

Your 4 wheel drive is disingaging.or the hubs are locked or jammed. -- Also, check your your U-Joints. Universal Joints. they might need replacing. -

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Needs a new starter

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the answer is in the owners manual

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I think I have either a bearing or rotor but im not sure if its both or not or which one it might be. my wheel now wahbles to where i cant drive it was knocking when i turned sharply, an you try to help -

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