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Check the grounding to the bulb. It is a single bulb with two filaments. Both filaments share the same ground and if the ground is not connected to the vehicle ground you will get the kind of bulb operation that you describe. The ground wire may be damaged or the wire may not be making good connection to the chassis and you may need to clean the connector. The bulb just might not be turned in all the way. You might have a bad bulb socket. Jeep uses the same socket and bulb in all three slots (light/break light, turn light, backup light). Try switching the top socket with one of the other two (middle, bottom) and see if that fixes the problem. It did for me. Moving the middle socket to the top fixed the problem and the top socket works OK in the middle. That's because the middle (and bottom) sockets only use one of the filaments in the bulb while the top uses both. Although there is a defect in the socket that was on top, the defect doesn't bother the middle position. Try it. You might get lucky like me. FIXED!!!!!! REDBEARD, It was just as you said. I unmounted the rear light and noticed that the metal contact on the light enclosure itself wasn't flush with the plastic, where contact is to be made. Once i leveled this was working like a charm! Thank you so much. Your expertise is much appreciated. Happy Jeep GC owner.

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Q: 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited rear driver brake light is dim when head lamps are off and brakes applied when head lamps are on brake lamp goes out but the parking light stays on why?
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