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its the electric fan thermo switch

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Q: 2000 Firebird 38 Where is the temperature sending unit for the gauge is it the one underneath the mass airflow sensor on the front of the motor or is this the electric fan thermostat switch?
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Why would you use a thermocouple for controlling an electric frying pan?

Since a thermocouple responds to temperature, it can be used as a thermostat, to set a specific temperature for your electric frying pan.

What temperature switch for electric fans is needed for a 195 degree thermostat?


Does the Duraflame electric fireplace heater have a thermostat built in?

Yes, you can set the temperature on this device.

What will happen if there is no thermostat to regulate the temperature in an electric iron?

The iron just keeps getting hotter.

How many watts of electric heaters set on low?

The wattage of electric base board heaters does not change because the thermostat is set on low. The wattage is a fixed value on the heater because of its internal resistance element. The thermostat set on low shuts off at a lower temperature than a thermostat that is set on high. It is the time interval that governs the amount of heat that the heater produces when the thermostat calls for heat. Once the room heats up to the temperature that the thermostat is set at, the heater shuts off. The thermostat is just a temperature switch.

What is the most appropriate instrument to measure the temperature to control a electric frying pan?

A bi-metallic thermostat.

What are the electric plugs on the thermostat housing of a Chevrolet caprice with 5.0L v8 for?

Connections for the water temperature sensor.

How do you fix a stuck driver side electric window on 1998 Pontiac firebird on a 1998 Pontiac firebird?

How do yo fix a stuck driver side electric window on a 1998 pontiac firebird.

Does an electric skillet have a thermostat to control the temperature used for frying and roasting and pan broiling and stewing and simmering?


How much carbon is released by a thermostat?

A thermostat is a device that controls the temperature of an operation / device e.g. in an electric iron the thermostat disconnects the electric supply to the heating coilwhen the set temperature is reached , thus saving electrical energy. The thermostat itself does not emit any CO2 , though you could say that in its own manufacture energy was spent and hence some CO2 was emitted . This is called embedded CO2 and is generally not considered to be significant.

How is the gas thermostat different from the thermostat in iron?

A thermostat on the wall measures air temperature to control a gas or electric heating (or air conditioning) system.A thermostat in a clothes iron measures the temperature of the metal ironing plate to control the electrical heating element in the clothes iron.

How do you get the laser dragon on Dragon City?

electric and firebird

Why wont the electric windows work on your 94 Firebird?

How do you reset the security code on a 1994 ponitac firebird formula......

What is the advantage to having an elecronic, programmable thermostat?

An electric programmable thermostat will save on electric bills by not running durring the evening.

Sears thermostat 387.911122 fuel electric?

wiring for sears thermostat 387.911122

How hot is electric underfloor heating in fahrenheit?

Electric underfloor heating is installed with a thermostat. Therefore, you can adjust the temperature to your personal liking just like people are used to with forced circulation air.

Does an electric iron have a thermostat?

yes it does

Will the electric fan on a 1987 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 work if the thermostat is bad?

The temperature switch for the Secendary electric fan is on the radiator. The coolant needs to reach around 190 deg as it is exiting the radiator before the secondary fan will turn on. If the thermostat is stuck in the closed position the engine will overheat, No coolant flowing through the radiator, If it is stuck in the open position then the engine will take a long time to warm up. a stuck thermostat should have no effect on the electric fan working or not. The most common cause of the fan not working is the temperature switch not working.

What do you do when your 1997 v6 firebird is overheating after you have replaced the thermostat pump cap and flushed radiator?

If it has electric fans, make sure they are coming on when it get's hot. If not, then check the fuses and relays for them and power to the fans. Might just be a relay for the fans.

Explain the working and construction of an electric iron?

An electric iron consist of basically a heating coil and heat control circuit viz thermostat. Thermostat act as a switch. When we switch on the electric iron current flows throught the heating coil. The heat in the heating coil causes expansion in the thermostat which gradually disconnects the supply. [ see the working of thermostat].

Why is your Chevy 350 overheating?

mine isn't, But if yours is, check the electric radiator fan. maybe thermostat or water pump. Could also be the air dam on a gen 3 firebird or camero. worst case a blown head gasket.

Central air not working?

Since you don't give any other information, you should start by making sure that you have electric power. Failing that, you might try checking the settings on your thermostat. You will want to be sure you have it set to cool, not heat the house and that the temperature setting on the thermostat is below the ambient room temperature.

Saving Money with Thermostats?

When hefty electric bills come in the mail, part of the heftiness can be blamed upon thermostats. A thermostat controls the temperature in the house, and if not operated closely, they can cause the electric bill to sky rocket. There are a few easy things you can do to help control the bill and keep it as far down as possible. Before bed, adjust the thermostat 5-10 degrees higher to compensate for the cooler temperatures outside and re-adjust when you wake up. If going on a vacation, set the thermostat near the temperature outside (unless there is cold weather). This can save a tremendous amount on your electric bill.

Why a Digital Thermostat Can Reduct an Electric Bill Significantly?

Saving money on an electric bill is not as challenging as some may think. Unfortunately, many consumers are not acquainted with strategies that can help reduce their electric bill significantly. Implementing energy saving strategies can reduce an electric bill by at least forty percent. This can help anyone trim their bill within a reasonable amount of time. Installing a digital thermostat within the home can be a lifesaver. A digital thermostat will regulate the interior temperature of a home efficiently. Older thermostats are known to fail in regulating the interior temperature of a home. This simple strategy can help anyone save hundreds of dollars annually.

Use A Blanket Or A Fan For Gas And Electric Bill Savings?

When the weather is at its hottest and coldest your gas and electric bill will be at its most expensive. This is because your home central heating and air conditioning systems are being fueled by gas and electricity. To lower your gas and electric bill you will have to make some changes. When winter comes lower the temperature on your thermostat for heat. Compensate for the lower temperature with warmer clothing. In the summer, turn up the thermostat's temperature, and get ready to enjoy wearing thinner summer clothes, leaving the windows open and turning on your window or ceiling fans.