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Will ignition switch stop oxygen sensor fuse and fuel pump fuse in panel box from not having fire?

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2008-08-14 02:18:15
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Q: 2000 kia sportage ignition switch What could be the problem?
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My 1995 F-250 will not turn off when I turn the ignition key off what could be the problem?

Defective ignition switch.

Why won't your 1995 BMW key won't turn off the car?

it is an ignition problem...could be the ignition switch or the ignition coil if i rember right

Key turns will not start it is like the safety switch on the clutch is not engageing any suggestions?

several could bes. If there is no action, the engine does not turn, the rod running from the key switch to the ignition switch on the column could be broken, or the ignition switch itself could haved malfunctioned. If there has be work immediately privious to the problem, check for loose connection, expecially on the ignition switch.

Why when you turn the ignition key nothing happens?

It could be a bad battery, or connection. A bad starter and or solenoid could be the problem, along with an ignition switch to name a few.

What could be the problem if a car starts sometimes and the problem isn't the battery?

Could be the starter or ignition switch...does the car crank/turn over when you turn the key? If you just turn the key and it 'clicks' it might be the ignition switch. I've had this problem before, and it ended up being the alternator. HOpe this helps!

If a 1993 corolla chimes as if the key is in the ignition and the drivers door is open only there is no kew in the ignition what could be the problem?


Could an ignition switch problem on 95 Harley Fat Boy cause engine to cut off and not restart?

Yes, it could.

If your car wont start could it be the ignition switch?

Only if the engine is not cranking. Otherwise the problem is engine related.

How do you unlock a ignition switch on a 2001 voyager?

Turning the steering wheel left to right rapidly while turning the key in the ignition should free up the ignition switch. If this does not rectify the problem it could be with the lever lockout or the key itself.

Why might a 2001 Dodge Neon not always shut off?

have you tried pushing in on the ignition as you turn may have to push hard.that should be just a new ignition,otherwise it could be in the ignition circuit. I also had this problem and the dealership could not fix it. so I replace the Ignition switch and that fixed the problem.

Your 2000 Kia Sportage would not accelerate and eventually went dead what could the problem be?

Your 2000 kia sportage would not accelerate and eventually went dead what could the problem be?

2005 Nissan altima key wont turn ignition switch?

It seems that there could be a problem with your starter. It happened to me too.

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