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You need to replace the blower motor resistor located near the glove box.

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Q: 2000 sentra blower only works on high?
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Pontiac Grand Am 2000 fan only works on high?

Check for a bad blower resistor at blower motor

What if your blower works on high in your 2000 dodge caravan?

when a blower motor only works on high, it is usually due to faulty resistor board. Should be located in the duct near the blower. the purpose of this is so the air blown by the blower keeps the resistors cool.

2000 ford ranger blower only works on high what is the problem?

bad blower,buy a good one and replace

Why does your blower motor in Toyota Camry works on only high?

the resistor for the blower motor is busted blower works on high with out it

What are the symptoms of a heater blower resistor gone bad in a 2000 dodge ram van?

Blower fan inoperative or only works on high speed.

Blower switch only works on low high 2000 Camry?

either the switch or the fan motor

Whats wrong with my 2000 suburban blower motor switch only works on high and getting burning smell when when heater is on?

you have a bare wire touching on your blower motor

What do you do if your 1998 Nissan sentra blower motor only blow on high speed?

More than likely the blower motor speed resistor burned out.

How come the heater in a 2000 gm jimmy only works on high?

The blower speed resistor is burned out. It is located under the hood, on the firewall, passenger side, not far from the blower motor.

What causes an ac-heater in a Nissan Sentra to only blow on high?

you need a new blower motor resistor

Why the heater of a 1990 dynasty works only on high settings and after does not work at all?

If you are saying the Blower Motor only works on high, then your problem is a defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack. Replace it.

2001 Pontiac grand prixfan works on high only for acheater bloweri have already changed resistor for blower and still only works on high?

Blower switch and connection had a melt down.

Why does my Fan blower in my 2004 jeep only works on high?

There is a resistor near the blower that is bad, known cause is high speed only.

Why does the blower only work on high and no daytime running lights?

A blower motor that only works on high is normally caused by a defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack. DRL, do not have a clue.

1998 dodge stratus you replaced the blower motor resistor and your blower motor still works on high only?

replace the blower motor switch

Blower motor only works on med to high 2002 buick century?

Defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack.

What is wrong if your blower fan motor only works on high speed on a 2002 Chevy suburban?

blower resistor is bad

My 2000 dodge grand caravan heater blower only works on high how can I solve this problem thank you?

well that's what mine is doing im trying to fix the blower motor resister pack if that works ill let you know cause we have fixed everything else that's all that's left i think

How do you fix the blower motor switch that only works on high on a 2001 dodge durango?

The blower motor speed resistor is burned out.

98 contour svt and the ABS light is on and the heater blower only works on high- Fuse under the hood that controls both heater blower and abs module doesn't appear to be blown Any suggestions?

ABS and blower motor are unrelated.To fix blower motor, read this:

Aircondition works on Ford Taurus when set on high?

What you might be refering to is that the fan only works on high if this is the case your problem would be the blower motor resistor. this resitor is found on the blower motor casing it's about 2 inches long

How do I fix the blower control on a 1992 Chevy cheyanne since it only blows on high speed?

Check the resistor if it only works on high Check the resistor if it only works on high Check the resistor if it only works on high

The rear blower on your 99 Tahoe worksbut front blower only works sometimes on high?

The front blower should have a resister to change the speeds. It is usually mounted close to or on the back of the blower motor.

Heater only works on high?

The blower motor speed resistor is burned out.

If 2000 dodge ram heater blower motor has high speed only what is the issue?

If it has only high speed, the blower motor resistor has to be replaced to get all speeds back.