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If neither signal light works, the flasher may very likely be the problem. The hazard lights and the signal lights work off different flashers.

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Q: 2001 Chevy Cavalier hazards lights flash but blinkers do not work is it the turn signal bulbs that need to be replaced or the flasher?
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What would make the blinkers not work but the hazards still do?

chances are your flasher for the blinkers OS bad,the flasher for the hazzards are usually on different circits for emergency situations.

How do you fix a turn signal when the hazards work but blinker doesn't?

there are 2 flasher cans in operates hazards and the other operates the blinkers. change the one that operates the blinkers and your blinkers will work

What would cause blinkers on a 1996 dodge ram to stop working even though the fuses and the hazards work and replaced the flasher fuse to?

I have a 1996 D R and have the same problem. Apparently the flasher switch needs to be replaced.

What if your blinkers and hazards do not work on your 1992 Toyota pickup?

If both blinker and hazards dont work check your flasher switch.

Already replaced Isuzu flasher unit with new one - hazards work but turn signals do not - both sides?

u have two flashers on your car... one for blinkers and one for flashers.

Any suggestions on how to fix your blinkers on a 78 Chevy Malibu The running lights and hazards work but the blinkers don't?

Replace the turn signal flasher relay.

What does it mean when the front and back blinkers and the hazards do not work on a 1992 Toyota Camry automatic 4cyl 2.2?

probably a bad emergency light flasher - NOT a turn signal FLASHER- IF the FUSES are good .

How do you fix blinkers and hazards that stop functioning on a 92 Nissan 240SX?

this could be a blown fuse, defective flasher, loose connection, or burned out bulb tk

How do you fix blinker on a 92 Chevy caprice already replaced flasher back blinkers wont come on front will but none flash and the hazards wont work either?

Assuming you checked all the bulbs and fuses, it sounds like the signal switch is shot.

If blinkers don't work yet hazards fuses and bulbs are fine what then is it due to something in the steering column because the indicators on the dash for the left and right turn signal?

The turn signal and the flasher use separate flashers. If the dash indicaters come on, do the lights come on but not flash? If yes, probably the flasher. Should be near the hazard flasher. If you don't see it, turn the hazards on and listen for the flasher to click.

Why dont your blinkers work in your 1990 jetta you changed the flasher and the fuses are not broken The hazards work but turn signals wont?

The 1990 VW Jetta turn signals will not work when the ground wire is broken or corroded. The turn signals may need the lightbulb's replaced.

Where is the directional flasher on a 1996 cavalier?

the multi-flasher for turn signals/hazards is mounted to the brake pedal bracket under the dash on driver side. turn on flashers or hazards and listen and feel for the clicking. check auto zone site for pics and instruction

Got no blinkers but hazards work Fuse is good?

The Flasher Relay is more than likely defective. Some vehicles have 2 relays. One for the turn signals and one for the hazard lights. Replace the Flasher Relay for the turn signals.

How do you fix the hazards and the blinkers on a 1995 Nissan pickup?

the hazard switch has two sets of contacts. when hazards turned on, blinkers cannot work,even if hazards dont work.for blinkers to work, hazard sw must be in off position-this reconnects blinker circuits to work normally. BUT-the contacts in the hazard sw get dirty and wont reconnect the blinkers to work

On a 1994 Plymouth Sundance when I put on the right blinker it doesn't flash but if I put on the 4ways all of the lights flash What might cause this?

There are separate flasher relays for the hazard lights and turn signals. The flasher relay may be out on your blinkers. The relay for the hazards is behing the fuse box. The relay for the blinkers is behind the lower dash panel to the right of the steering column.

How do you replace the turn signal and hazard flasher on a 2000 Oldsmobile alero?

the hazardlight switch is where the blinkers flash,take the vent out under the hazards switch then reach up in there behind the haz. switch

Why is your blinkers and hazards not working?

It may be a bad fuse.... Try that.

1991 Toyota corolla front blinkers and hazards not working but my back blinkers and hazards are working all other lights are good and working my fuses are good?

Change front light bulbs

Why would you hear the blinker noise on a 2002 VW Jetta when the blinkers and hazards are not on?

This has to do with a faulty signal switch. At least that's what the dealer told me when mine was replaced (under warranty).

1994 cavalier--changed switch bulbs fuses hazards work but turn signals still dont work any suggestions?

have you tried replacing the flasher u need to replace the flasher can for the turn signals there are 2 one for hazards and one for turn signals usually found in the fuse box, and cost about 3 bucks

Blinkers wont work on 93 mercury villager hazards work and it isn't the fuse?

The Flasher Relay is defective. Replace it. It is located, front seating area, driver side, under dash, mounted on passenger side of steering column.

Where is the hazard flasher located on a 1987 Honda Civic?

the flasher relay is located in the upper left corner of the fuse tray on the driver side it is for the flashers and the blinkers. the switch is located on the steering column it is a multifunction switch that also operates the wipers and the headlights. If your blinkers are working but not the hazards the switch may be bad. to troubleshoot it I would recommend getting a repair manual. note the switch will run close to $140 and will probably have to be ordered you may want to try junkyards.

How do you fix the blinkers on a 1995 olds aurora?

Turn the hazards on and check for a burnt-out bulb.

Your right rear blinker lights up but doesn't blink It works when hazards are on how do you fix this?

It sounds like it needs a new flasher for the turn signals.the hazards have a different flasher.

Turn signals wont flash but hazards do?

replace turn signal flasher, hazard flasher is separate