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Hi there; I have a 200 impala and the same thing ocirred. I replace the hearlight switch approx. 140.00 $ and fixed the problem. Hope thi s helps.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-17 15:44:24
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Q: 2001 Impala LS dash lights are too dim at night and light switch rheostat will not adjust them brighter. All fuses look OK. Any suggestions?
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How do you adjust headlight 2005 Impala?

Open the hood there is a screw on top of the headlight assembly.Just turn the screw to adjust the headlight.

What is a rheostat?

A rheostat is a resistor with variable resistance.There are many type of rheostat,involved of a rotary-type rheostat and a sliding rheostst.I dunn know much about the rotary-type rheostat but I can tell u how does a sliding rheostat work. A sliding rheostst consists of a coil resistance wire wound on a tube and a sliding contact.The sliding contact be moved on the metal bar.Consider of the length of the resistance wire which let electric current through increases,the reistance would be higher and decrease the elctric current.Thus by moving the sliding contact,we can adjust the size of electric current.It's ofter used as a dimmer or to adjustl the voluime of the radio. If you are interested in the rotary-type rheostat,try to find it by yourself!

How do you adjust the parking break on a 2001 impala?

On the drivers side frame rail is the cable adujuster that you can adjust to increase tension on the E brake.

What is another term for potentiometer?

A potentiometer and a rheostat are two different applications for a variable resistor.A potentiometer is a variable resistor, connected (using its three terminals) as a variable potential divider.A rheostat is a variable resistor, connected (using two of its three terminals) to adjust current.

How do you adjust the wiper sweep on your 2002 impala?

See {Windshield Wipers} on page 2-49 of your "Owner's Manual".....

How do I adjust the parking brake on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

The 2000 Chevrolet Impala parking brake will have an adjustment bolt on the parking brake assembly. Turn the adjustment bolt to loosen or tighten the parking brake.

Daytime running lights stuck on 97 ford explorer any suggestions?

Adjust switch on rear view mirror.

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How do you adjust the headlights on a 2002 Impala Chevy.?

There are 2 star bolts that adjust the headlights from the top of the light. The inside star nut adjusts where you are pointing the light side to side and the one on the outside adjusts your height.

Why won't my dash lights work on my 1999 Pontiac car?

Check fuses. Do parking, tail, license plate lights work? same fuse could be rheostat to adjust dim to bright is broken

How do you adjust the windshield wipers on a Chevy Impala?

Turn the wipers off, pull the wiper arm off, and replace it in the correct down position.

Why won't the dashboard instrument and center console lights turn on in a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

You have a blown instrument lights fuse or it is just turned off. There is a rheostat that controls the brightness of the lights. Find it and adjust the brightness.

How do you install a throttle position sensor on a 2000 Chevrolet Impala?

You will need a volt meter to adjust the sensor and a lab scope to determine if you have a glitch in the sensor.

How do you adjust the bands on a 2003 Impala LS transmission?

I do not remember that transmission having bands.I do not remember that transmission having bands.

How do you set clock on 2003 Chevrolet Impala?

My 2003 impala has a button for the hour and minute on either side of the tune/display knob, just push the hour (HR) button for a second or 2 and it will start changing the hour, then adjust the minutes with the minute (MN) button.

Can you eliminate the catalytic converter on a 2004 impala?

NO. It is illegal, can cause low power and poor fuel economy as the computer tries to adjust for the improper readings from the O2 sensors.

How do you adjust the wiper blades on a 2004 Chevy impala?

You need to pull the complete wiper arm off it's splines and then put it back on the splines in the position that you want the blade.

After replacing rear brakes on dodge caravan the van shakes when stopping. It is not the rotors any other suggestions on how to adjust the rear brakes?

manualy adjust the brake calibur on rear brake slot located under rear axles on the inner brake cover.

The function of a rheostat in an x-ray generator is to?

It is used to adjust the tube current. The means that the cathode will have a variable potential difference with the anode and will therefore be able to strip more or less electrons and hence produce a greater or fewer amount of x-rays.

Why don't eyes dilate evenly?

variying amount of light approaching each eye. also if one eye is looking on a white surface and the other a black the eyes will adjust as it reads a brighter/darker surface. normally though both eyes should adjust evenly to balance the load

How do you turn on your heat in your 2005 impala?

adjust the climate control to the right temp that you want it, then all you need to do is adjust where you want it to blowl. on some impalas you may have to push the button with the snowflake on it to turn the AC off, then you need to change your flow to circulation, which is located on the other side of the AC button.

Why is there sterring wheel play in your 1964 impala?

It could be worn tie rod ends, if not then you need to check the steering box. The worm gear could be worn and you can adjust it with the nut on the steering box.

350 Chevy LT1 how do you adjust the roller rockers 1995 impala ss?

The impala ss LT1 did not come from the factory with roller rockers, they came with stamped steel rockers. If you are installing roller rockers in yours, the common advise is to go 1/2 turn after 0 lash, when the pushrod no longer moves up and down.

How do you adjust the idle on a 2000 Impala?

to adjust idle on 2000 impala....Locate the accelerator cable on the throttle body.Have someone push down on the accelerator pedel while you observe the throtle body cable movements.You will notice a stop screw on the throtle body butterfly where it comes to rest against the throtle body.Turn the screw clockwise for more rpm, turn the screw counter clockwise for less rpm. I am not sure if any of the air filter componets need to be removed or not... Should't have to do can do it...

How does a rheostat works?

A rheostat is a simple variable resistor with two contacts. A resistor is a device designed to resist the flow of electricity. The more resistance an electronic current encounters, the more slowly that current flows. By increasing or decreasing the resistance in a circuit, a rheostat changes the amount of current flowing through that circuit. Most rheostats contain a strip of some substance with fairly high resistance, such as carbon. One of the rheostat's two contacts attaches to the end of the carbon strip. The other moves along the strip as you adjust the rheostat slider or knob. When the sliding contact moves close to the fixed contact, the electric current only has to flow through a little bit of carbon to get from one contact to the other. This creates only a slight resistance. As the contacts get farther apart, however, the electricity has farther to travel along the carbon. This creates greater resistance, slowing down the current.