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2001 Kia Spectra misfiring on cylinder number one Plugs and wires new ideas on what to check next?

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2006-11-28 23:52:48

I suggest you run a COMPRESSION TEST on all cylinders. It has

been so long, I cannot describe how to interpret the results, but

basically, analysis of the test results, both for the suspect

cylinder and the others, and the relationship of the differences

can tell you a great deal about the condition of the rings and

valves. IF the compression in the SUSPECT cylinder is outside of

the range of the others, that could be the cause of your miss. A

"miss," or "missfire" can result from several causes, LOW

COMPRESSION being only one. Low compression can be caused by worn

compression rings, improperly seating [leaking] valves, a leaking

head gasket, a cracked head or cylinder wall, and probably other

causes I've overlooked. Instructions for performing a compression

test can be found in basic automotive service manuals, usually

available at most local libraries [loan] and/or auto parts supply

stores [buy]. There are a few different compression testers

available at your local auto parts supply. They all operate in the

same manner, some are just designed to be more convienent to use,

and thus usually cost more. Before buying any tools or test

equipment, get the manual[s] which describe the process, study them

until you fully understand the procedure[s], and then, obtain a

compression test set. It is possible that some auto parts houses

MAY LOAN you a compression tester. If not, then buy the best you

can afford.

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