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White smoke is either from too low of an operating temperature or air in the fule system. Check to see if water temp is in normal range, change thermostat if not. If that isn't the problem Pop the hood and see if there is any fuel leaking any where; filter, injection pump, fuel lines or injectors. I had a loose injection line that caused the same problem, tightening it back doun fixed the problem.

Drain the filter again and catch what you drain. If there is water in there, you need to drain and clean your fuel tank.

also one other thing is white smoke can mean head gaskets are bad when you start it go to your exhust and smell for a sweet smell if so you do smell that then water is going into heads from radiatior or i know this for gas motor but diesel should be the same

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Why does your exhaust leak fuel?

Tough question without knowing more info. But, if you are talking about fluid coming out the end of the exhaust pipe when the car is running............its not fuel, its water!

You have black smoke coming from your exhaust?

You are running too rich. the mixture of fuel and air has too much fuel in it,

What is exhaust analysis?

An analysis of the exhaust is a test to determine what is coming out of the exhaust pipe. The idea is to properly burn up all the gasoline and not have any "leftovers". The test will determine if all emissions systems are working properly and the engine is running at optimum levels. Unburnt gasses will be detected if there is a problem. The engine will be checked at idle, and under load.

Why is water coming from exhaust on a 1991 Chevrolet Suburban?

That is condensation due to the exhaust system being cold and the heat from the engine makes the exhaust system / pipes sweat. As the exhaust system heats up then that will stop. Now you said WATER not antifreeze. If you had engine coolant running out of the exhaust then it would be the color of the antifreeze and it would be steaming WHITE and then you would have an engine problem, MAYJOR. You said water. Drive it you have no problems. That is normal.

Why Oil coming out of exhaust while car is running?

engine is burning oil could be valve seals or piston rings

Why is there a black substance coming out of the exhaust pipe when vehicle is running?

perhaps the choke is stuck or may be running rich, sometimes the plugs arn't in the right heat range

Why can you smell exhaust coming through the dashboard in your 1992 Volkswagen Eurovan?

You can smell exhaust because your exhaust pipes and exhaust system has worn out. As a result, the exhaust and carbon monoxide it contains leaks inside the van. Soon, it will not be a problem because the carbon monoxide will have killed all of you.

Why are there no exhaust fumes coming from your car?

your exhaust may be jammed

Why is black smoke coming from underneath riding lawnmower?

The three things that could cause black smoke which come to mind are: 1) You have a belt or pulley problem which is causing the belt to slip and burn. 2) You have an oil leak that is getting on to the exhaust and burning. 3) The mower is running rich. Which means it is getting too much gas. The most common of these is choice 1. Oil leaks don't normally get onto the exhaust since most exhausts aren't under the engine. The running rich problem also does not normally come from under the mower. It would typically come from the exhaust unless it has an exhaust leak.

Why is smoke coming out of exhaust after ignition?

because gas was burn after the spark plug created the spark to burn gas and keep car running.

How do you tell if its condensation or smoke coming from exhaust?

If it stops after a minute or two, it was condensation. If it continues the whole time the engine is running, it's smoke.

What if it is not a blown head gasket and you still have antifreeze coming out of the exhaust?

there is no water mixed with the oil but have antifreeze coming out of the exhaust

Oil is coming from the exhaust on your 1997 Yamaha pw 80 What is the problem?

Your engine is shot. Rings or valves, probably both, are shot.

95 Ford Laser Not driven for 1 year but started frequently Recently I have noticed water coming from the exhaust pipe Could this be a sign of serious engine problem?

Most likely not, its probably just condensation in the pipes. If it was an engine problem, it would be a blown head gasket and if the car hasn't been running really hot that's probably not your problem.

Why White smokecomes out tailpipe that smells like coolant?

You have a blown head gasket. Open your radiator while the engine is running. You should find exhaust coming from it.

Where are bank 1 and bank 2 catalytic converters located?

Driver and passenger side coming down from motor can be seen from under hood coming from exhaust manifold not the ones under car running straight

Why is copious dribble coming from exhaust of dirt bike?

It could be condensation from hot exhaust gases on the cool exhaust pipe.

Why is a 1991 ford explorer running rich you smell gas and black exhaust is coming out?

If you have black smoke coming out it would be because you have bad timings, i have a buddy who had that happen to his jeep and we replaced the spark plugs and air filter and fixed the timing and it solved the problem, but wen you blow black smoke its because of bad timing it happens with diesels to.

Rattling and whistling noise coming from under 1994 ford explorer 4.0L 4 door?

The rattling and whistling on the 94 Explorer sounds like an exhaust problem. Check the exhaust for any leaks or loose connections.

Where are the o2 sensors on a 2006 Nissan sentra ser spec-v 2.5l?

check your exhaust system there should be a wire running in to your exhaust tat is your o2 sensor good luck There are two o2 sensors, one in the engine and one coming out of the Cat Converter in the exhaust system.

White bad smelling smoke not vapor coming from exhaust after car sits idle for several minutes car is running but in park 1998 Mitsubishi GST Spyder Eclipse?

your not getting oil to the engine or its running low

Can you fix blue smoke coming out of exhaust?


Does the exhaust gases coming out from vehicles is burns?


Why is white smoke coming from your fuel pump?

white smoke is coming from my exhaust why?

Where might exhaust fumes be coming from that are getting into the vehicle through the 4x4 shift boot?

The fumes are most likely coming from an exhaust leak. The leak could be at the converter, or somewhere else in the exhaust system.