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That definitely sounds like water in system. Where is fuse box? make sure its dry, only other thing to try is to get wifes hair dryer and sit it in, blowing behind the dash for a few hours to try and dry it off. other than that it will be an expensive diagnostic at the garage. Hope this helps

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 07:50:26
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Q: 2001 nav will turn over stong good air spark but will not start up dashboard was soaked while insalling tint window is computer gone airbag battery and mileage gauges remain on after key is removed?
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Can someone sell you a car if the mileage doesn't move on the dashboard is that illegal?

No, it isn't illegal.

Can you change the trip computer to show MPG instead of Ltr 100km on a 2006 Mazda 6 TS?

There is no way to change the trip computer to display MPG, except perhaps in the service centre, since the dashboard LCD which displays mileage is universal for metric and imperial countries (has both km and mile segments for displaying gas mileage).

Why would mileage and parking statuspark drive reverse neutral not show in dashboard.?

The light bulb may be burnt out for the dashboard display. The fuse for the dashboard display may be blown. The fuse can be found in the fuse box.

When you turn on head lights the light on the dashboard dims to almost dark?

Did you recently replace the battery? If you did, the light resets to a lower setting. On your dash, check the button next to your mileage indicator. It usually is also a dial. Try turning that up.

How do you reset the mileage computer?

No one can answer since it's illegal to roll back mileage.

What does it mean when the mileage reads No Bus on the dashboard of a 2000 chrysler LHS?

The error message "no bus" means the computer systems within the vehicle is unable to communicate. A diagnostic tool is needed to determine the exact cause of the issue.

On a 2002 Alero does the gauge cluster store the car mileage or does the computer store the mileage?

computer. Usually that is. That way one cant just slap another odometer in a try to say that the car has less mileage on it.

In which computer is the mileage stored on a 1999 Chrysler Sebring?

Engine, body, and cluster all store the mileage.

When replacing battery mileage changed how do you correct?

Etron provides you best e-rickshaw battery and other component dealer.

What does the circle with a line through it mean. It has appeared above the mileage data on the dashboard on my Corsa?

In computer technology, a circle with a line through it typically denotes a zero, as opposed to the letter 'O'. This is done to prevent confusion. Not sure if this is what you where looking for

How do you turn back mileage on car?

First - it's illegal. That being said, the mileage can be turned back on mechanical odometers by opening the dashboard instrument cluster and physically rolling the miles back.

When changing out the dash cluster on a 2005 Mazda 6 will the computer keep the original Mileage or will the mileage change to whatever mileage is on the cluster that is being installed?

If you change the cluster out it, will change to the mileage of the new cluster.

If you change my computer in my 1995 ford bronco will the mileage change?


Does the mileage stay the same on a 1999 town and country if you change out the instrument cluster?

Yes, the mileage is stored in the body computer.

When towing a 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited will the odometer reflect the towed mileage?

Not if key is off or battery is disconnected.Not if key is off or battery is disconnected.

What is the rattling noise in dashboard of my 2005 Mitsubishi endeavor?

If you have high mileage, check your strut mounts as well as the control arms, bushings etc.

How do you display the fuel mileage?

on what? try turning or touching your knob on the tachometer, sometimes they are located there.. it's on the dashboard near your guages. Usually looks like a little black stick coming out of the plastic guages near your mileage reading.

What does maintenance required is lit in the dashboard of your CR V means?

The mileage interval is pre-set at the factory to remind you that an oil change should be scheduled.

How do you change the battery in a key fob for 2011 Dodge Journey?

Take it to the dealer if mileage is under 20K

Where is the on and off switch to turn the light on the dashboard of a 1985 Mercedes Benz 190e?

Its one of the two black knobs connected to the dashboard. i think its the one that resets the mileage. im pretty sure you have to push it in at twist to the right or left for on and off. hope that helps.

Will a Computer chip programmer give you better gas mileage?

Yes it can, depending on your driving habits.

Should the dashboard lights stay on in a ford focus zetec when engine is turned off?

I've just noticed mine does the same, where the time and mileage is shown it stays lit

When changing the computer in a 95 Cadillac with a used one will the odometer read the mileage of the replacement computer or the original car?

I'm not positive, but I do believe that it reads the original mileage. If it read that of the replacement, people would make their cars appear newer by replacing the computer. Besides, I'm pretty sure the odometer is its own instrument and has its own memory, and has little connection with the computer iteslf.

How do you get the mileage reading up on your dashboard of your Renault Megan?

I have a renault megane 2001 rxt, on my wiper stick,ther is a button on the end of the stick (by the edge should be a round button) jus press it in,it will show u a lot of reading even how much mileage u have left to drive

How do you i change the time on dashboard in a vw polo 1.4 2000?

There are two buttons either side of the clock on the odometer. The buttons look like the one u use to reset mileage