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1990-1997 Honda Accord ALL - 4 x 114.3

1998-2002 Honda Accord 4Cyl - 4x114.3

1998-2002 Honda Accord 6Cyl - 5x114.3

2003-2010 Honda Accord ALL - 5x114.3

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Q: 2003 Honda Accord tire bolt pattern?
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What is the bolt pattern for 2001 Honda Accord EX?

4x114.3 that's the bolt pattern

What is the bolt pattern for a 1992 Honda Accord?


What is the bolt pattern for 1991 Honda accord?


Will 1980 mustang wheels fit 1996 Honda Accord?

No, the bolt pattern on a 1996 Honda Accord is 4x114.3; the bolt pattern on a 1980 Mustang is 4x108 so wheels that fit on the mustang will not fit on the Accord.

Will 93 Honda Accord rims fit on a 97 Acura Integra?

It will not work. A 1993 Honda Accord has a 4x114.3mm bolt pattern. A 1997 Acura Integra has a 4x100mm bolt pattern.

What is the bolt pattern on a 1988 Honda accord lxi?


Can you use a transmission from a 1990 or 1993 Honda Accord for your 1988 Honda Accord?

no u cannot do that bolt pattern is different

What is the bolt pattern for 1999 Honda Accord?

zoom zoom zoom

What is the wheel bolt pattern and offset for the 1993 Honda accord?


Will the stock rims on an 04' Honda accord ex v-6 fit on an 04' Honda accord lx?

It depends the bolt pattern.4 bolt pattern or 5 bolt pattern.Which one does each one of the cars has. If 4 bolt pattern will fit. If 5 and4 accordingly no it will not fit.

What is the bolt pattern for a 2008 Honda accord 5 speed transmission?


What is the bolt pattern for 1999 Honda accord ex 5 lug?


What cars use a 4 by 5.5 by 15 bolt pattern?

97 honda accord

Could Universal wheels from a 2003 Honda Accord fit a 99 Pontiac Sun-Fire?

only if the bolt pattern lines up and the offset is correct.

What is the bolt pattern for a 1996 Honda Accord Coupe Are some 5 hole and some 4 hole?

bolt pattern is: 4X114.3 - four hole.

Will 2015 Honda Civic Si rims fit my 2003 Honda Accord lx sedan?

It might be possible. Both cars have the same bolt pattern (5 x 114.3), and the Accord might be able to accommodate the larger wheels/tires that are on the Si.

What is the 2009 Honda accord 4-cylinder bolt pattern?

It is 5-114

Will a 2003 ford transmission fit in a 1997 Honda Accord?

It might fit in the trunk, but it will not bolt up to the engine.

What is the bolt pattern for a 2003 Honda civic coupe?

4 x 100

What is the license plate bolt size for 2009 Honda Accord?

It is a 10 mm bolt... called my honda dealer.......

Where is the filler bolt on a 2000 Honda Accord?

Filler bolt? Filler bolt for what? Please clarify.

Will a dodge neon bolt pattern fit a 05' Honda accord?

No Neon = 5x110 or 5x4 Honda = 5x114.3 or 5x4.5

What is the Bolt pattern 2004 Honda Accord?

It is 5 studs at a 114.3 mm spacing, commonly called 5 x114.3.

Can you use a 1990 or 1998 Honda Accord factory stereo in a 1992 Honda Accord?

You can use the 1990 stereo in your 1992 Accord, but the 1998 will not bolt in the correct way.

What vehicle has or had a 4x120mm bolt pattern?

THE 72-91 Honda Civic 1200/1500 76-78 Accord