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I have the same vehicle and had the exact same problem. It failed several times over a period of 1 1/2 years and would always restart until one day it just died. It turned out to be a faulty relay in the security system. Once the relay was replaced I never had the problem again.

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While driving 99 Suburban will suddenly loose all electrical power killing the engine and everything else?

Loose battery cable much?

What would it mean when driving along and everything on car quits?

It probably means the electrical system or charging system has failed.

Why did my car die while driving?

It can be related to gas and electrical power.

What is wrong if everything electrical starts to short out while driving and the engine is overheated?

or some other leak in the cooling system has sprayed coolant all over the engine compartment causing multiple short circuits.

Does mercury car insurance have discounts for safe drivers?

Yes, as with most insurance companies, you do get a bit of a discount if you've taken driving school classes, and have a clean or safe driving record. It's that way with Mercury as well.

What would cause the electrical power to fade in and out while driving?

the voltage regulator

Why does your 88 mercury marquis miss when driving?

Start with the ign. wires and the spark plugs.

Will insurance increase more due to a careless driving or reckless driving charge in Florida?

Probably reckless. "Careless" implies something done by accident, like swerving over the line momentarily. "Reckless" implies something done willingly, without regard to the law or consequences.

Is there an electrical problem in a 2000 mercury cougar that would cause it to shut down while driving?

if it was electical u would notice gauges fluctuating. cougars have problems with the fuel filters getting clogged which would cause hesitation and in extreme cases stalling

What type of hobbies an electrical engineer have?

v Drivingv Travelingv Painting

2003 Ford Expedition start problems?

In this case, the starter was the problem after 55K miles. While driving on freeway, the instrument cluster of lights flashed momentarily and then the car went dead. After coasting to the side of road, the electrical system worked fine, but the car wouldn't start. Not sure why a bad starter caused the car to go dead while driving. After inspecting and cleaning all electrical connections from the battery to the starter, and checking all related fuses and relays, I came to the conclusion that the starter motor must have gone bad. I replaced the starter motor and the car started right up. See "How to replace the starter motor."

Lost power to car while driving?

Do you lose power when you turn the radio on? Probably electrical

Driving Mercury Villager 1997 at 60 mph the timing belt broke Do the pistons hits the valves?


What would cause a 1999 mercury cougar not to start and to die while driving?

probably the fuel pump?

When I am driving my 2002 mercury mountaineer the windshield wipers don't turn off why is that?

Because they broke yo!

Can you run extra driving lights on a stock 1997 Honda spirit 1100 electrical system?


What is the best insurance company in Texas to insure a Mercury Cougar with?

There is no official best insurance company in Texas to insure a Mercury Cougar. Rates would vary depending on your driving history.

Can you burn calories while riding a motorcycle?

According to everything I have read, driving a motorcycle uses anywhere from 150-222 calories/hr. According to everything I have read, driving a motorcycle uses anywhere from 150-222 calories/hr.

Why is the oil and battery lights showing on my shogun when driving?

The oil and battery lights might be showing on your shogun when driving due to an electrical problem. A mechanic can properly diagnose the problem.

The alarm on your kia turns on while driving it?

The alarm may go off while driving your Kia due to an electrical shortage. This may also be due to a blown fuse.

1994 Mercury Topaz stalls out while driving and will only restart after waiting awhile?

check your crank sensor

How long do I drive my car after resetting check eng-lite.?

Most vehicles need a couple drive cycles for all the monitors to report to the ECM that everything is in good working order. A drive cycle consists of a cold start (sitting overnite), turning on electrical accessories (heater or AC, lights, etc) some city driving and some highway driving. Depending on the vehicle and your driving habits it could take several cycles.

Why does my 96 Ford Taurus lose electrical power while driving?

It is important to have the electrical system fully functional in a vehicle. The power will dry up in a car if the alternator or battery is bad.

If driving a company vehicle after hours and i wreck into someone am i reliable?

If driving a company truck when not at work you are reliable for everything. If you wreck you could get fired and have to pay for damages.

Common electrical fault on Daewoo matiz?

My car is driving and then when it gets warm it lose power what can bethe fault