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Q: 2003 ford focus how would you install a new temp gauge from a pillar pod where does the copper end go to?
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How many gauge is required of copper wire in multiple generator science project?

34 gauge copper wire will work but to use the 35 gauge copper wire is the best choice

How to install a tachometer on a Toyota starlet?

Purchase a Suitable gauge Set to 4-6-8 cylinders. Place mount in suitable position ie. Dash, Centre Console,A- Pillar Wire in to Dash ......????

How to install a boost gauge in a Acura Integra?

How to install a boost gauge in a acura integra?"

What is the spark plug gap for ford focus zetec 1.6 2002?

Just buy the plugs and install them. If you stick a feeler gauge in them you will ruin the platinum coating and they will not fire correctly, IF at all.

What gauge wire for 60 amp circuit?

#6 gauge copper

What gauge wire for 240 volt 10 amp?

14 gauge copper

Why is the rain gauge made of copper?

A rain gauge can be made of many things, but copper has some advantages. Copper fabricates easily and is inexpensive, along with being very resistant to corrosion. Copper is also poisonous to molds and slimy things that might want to grow on it.

What wire gauge is needed for a single phase 60 amp circuit?

#6 gauge copper

What is the gap on a spark plug for a ford focus 1600 t reg?

It doesn't matter. DO NOT USE A FEELER GAUGE!!! Ask the parts store for plugs for your car and install them right out of the boxes. A feeler gauge will scratch the platinum and ruin them. They will not fire correctly and the car will lose power. It cost ME $150.00 to find this out the hard way.

What kind of gauge do you need in a 1985 Monte Carlo LS that regulates the oil sending unit?

get a oil pressure gauge from the auto store and install it under your dash or where ever you find a place to install it and read the directions on how to install it.

Where do you install the oil pressure gauge on a Chevy 350 small block?

how to install the oil pressure gauge on a Chevy 350 small block

Is copper same gauge stronger than steel?


What gauge wire for 50 amp breaker?

AWG # 6 copper.

What is the max amp for 100' 14 gauge copper wire?

At 120 volts a 15 amp circuit wired with #14 wire used for a dedicated light circuit do not install any more than 1400 total watts in lighting. If used for an dedicated outlet circuit do not install more than 8 outlets.

What vehicles come with a digital car gauge?

Vehicles do not come with a digital car gauge. You have the option to install a gauge in your car at the time purchase.

How do you install oil pressure gauge on 00 civic?

If it is vacuum a gauge oil filter. You have to buy a 3/8 pipe t fitting to fit the block and install both the sensor and the gauge tube on. Key on power wire to light it up.

What is the amp rating of 20 gauge wire?

20 gauge copper wire can carry 1.46 amps. Insulated copper wire can carry 6.5 amps. This is assuming a short run of 25' or less.

How do you change 2002 ford focus spark plugs?

Remove the old ones, ONE AT A TIME... and do not set the gap, install them right out of the box, they are pre-set and a gap gauge rill ruin the Platinum finish and they will break down and misfire.

What gauge of wire do you need for 50 amps?

#6 copper

What is tensile strength of 10 gauge copper wire?


What gauge wire used for a fifteen amp breaker?

AWG # 14 copper.

What gauge wire for 20 amp breaker?

AWG 12/2 copper.

How to install Oil temp gauge?

Take it to a mechanic

1985 econoline 150 fuel gauge?

how do you install a fuel gauge for a 1989 ford 159 econline van?

What is a butt gauge?

A butt gauge is used to mark and cut the notches in doors and jambs to install butt hinges.