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If it's anything like our old '86 Honda, a connection somewhere in the wiring harness is loose. This is a major PITA to locate and we had the impression that the dealership found it by accident, after trying everything else. It involved inspecting each connection visually until the loose wire was found, and I think it was something ridiculous, like a wire that passed near the base of the driver's seat. I would hope a 2004 model would have better diagnostics than our Honda did several years ago, but some glitches are really hard to pin down. It seems to me that it may have gotten worse as the engine heated up, but maybe I'm thinking of the radio on my 1980 VW. ;o) Really, that's my only suggestion; I'm not an auto mechanic, but that's what happened to Good Ol' Max. *my 01 neon was doing same thing friend,it was a misfire caused by a faulty plugwire,change plugs and wires and dont buy cheap plugs,hope this helps

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Q: 2004 dodge neon loses all power at random while driving then regains power all gauges suggest no problem engine sounds fine all lights die in the car including emergency lights when power fails?
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